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Match Reports Round 2 2024

Match Reports Round 2 Sunday April 21st 2024

Match Report: Colts vs. Wild Knights U9 Mixed, Round 2, 21 April

In a thrilling encounter at the Basil Reserve, the Colts and Wild Knights battled it out in a heart-stopping game that kept spectators on the edge of their seats until the final siren.

The Colts wasted no time in making their mark on the game, with Will P and Hunter V8 H notching up early goals to give their team a flying start. Despite the narrow confines of the Basil Reserve, the Colts managed to find their rhythm and capitalise on their attacking opportunities.

Axel showcased his defensive prowess in the second quarter, repeatedly repelling the Wild Knights' advances and initiating attacks from the backline. Henry, with his first football goal, and Hugo, displaying relentless determination, contributed significantly to the Colts' efforts. Lucas also stood out with his tenacity and hunger for the ball.

As the game progressed, the Colts gained momentum and started to dominate proceedings. Their increased pressure in the forward line resulted in quick goals from their small forwards, exploiting gaps in the Wild Knights' defence and extending their lead.

With the game hanging in the balance, both teams threw everything they had into the final quarter. The pace intensified, and the field opened up, providing ample opportunities for daring plays and competitive contests. However, it was the Colts' rigorous training regimen that ultimately paid off, as they managed to maintain their composure and hold off a late surge from the Wild Knights.

As the clock ticked down, the Colts' defence held strong, pulling off crucial marks to deny the Wild Knights any chance of a comeback. The game's intensity was such that even the customary halftime oranges were forgotten in the heat of the moment.

In the end, the Colts emerged victorious by the narrowest of margins, clinching a hard-fought win over the Wild Knights. While the scoreboard reflected their triumph, it was the Colts' exemplary attitude and sportsmanship that truly shone throughout the game. Both teams displayed commendable determination and skill, treating fans to a memorable spectacle of grassroots football.

Final Score: Colts 38 - Wild Knights 37

Award winners - Hunter, Hunter, Ethan & Lachie


Match Report - U12 Mixed Div 2

The mighty under 12s Port Melbourne Div 2 team had our first game of the season this week after having a bye in the first round led to a lot of disappointed kids Week 1. As such we were raring to go for our first ever game in Div 2 against the East Brighton Vampires team that knocked us out of the Div 3 semi finals last year. We were quick out of the blocks and dominated contested ball keeping possession down towards our scoring end. We struggled for clean possessions early but earnt some clear passages of play once we refocused on some better team habits such as shepherding for our team mates. Défense was excellent throughout with a lot of gutsy smothers stopping the opposition getting any momentum. The end result? Mighty Port Melbourne u12’s Div 2 running out convincing victors 53 to 16. Woop Woop!

A big welcome and congratulations to a number of players who turned out for the first time in Port Melbourne colours. This included Dev Tampi, and Fletcher Jenkins, and first time players in this team Hugo Scott, Billy Rowsell, and Tommy Kuklych
Highlights included
2 left foot kicks from Austin MacDonald (a much under utilised skill we’re hoping to see more of from all the kids this year)
3 goals to Chuck Schiller, 2 to Fletcher Jenkins, and scores from Tomi Nekic, Mason Sacco, Auston MacDonald, George Bowker, and Hugo Scott
Great passages of team play particularly in the second half
Barnstorming runs from Oscar Barnes (boom tish) – but seriously, a great game from Occy
And a special mention to our player award winners George Bowker, Hugo Scott, and Chuck Schiller


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