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Best Recruitment Practice Policy


This document is designed to assist the Port Melbourne Colts Junior Football Club during recruitment processes, to ensure that all potential applicants are made aware of our expectations, and to ensure all successful applicants meet those expectations. It is the responsibility of Port Melbourne Colts Junior Football Club to ensure all future volunteers are committed to the importance of child safety, equality and fair treatment in our organisation, and as such the recruitment process must be sound enough to screen out those who pose a risk to our members or other staff.


These guidelines should be considered as minimum standards, and any further techniques or procedures aimed to ensure the quality of our future staff should be considered.


Job Listings

 All advertised job listings must contain sufficient information about the position, its requirements and expectations.

 All advertised listings must contain a statement declaring our commitment to equal opportunity.

 All advertised listings must contain a link to our Recruitment Policy, or information on how to access it.

 All advertised listings must note the requirement of a police check (full-time roles) and a Working with Children check for successful applicants.



 Treat all applicants with equal respect.

 Be aware of how cultural backgrounds may affect your interaction with an applicant. This does not mean you treat them differently, it is an effort to understand how they may speak or behave and be respectful in your reactions to this.

 Use the same base list for your questioning of each applicant. You will have more specific questions based on their experiences or responses, however you should be offering an even playing field at the start of each interview, regardless of how you think each applicant may compare.

 Do not offer longer interviews to applicants you think will be best. Interviews will vary in their length but allow each the same amount of time in case it is needed. You can always ask a strong applicant back for a second interview.

 Explain to every applicant the PMCJFC and SMJFL’s commitment to equal opportunity, to building a culture of tolerance and respect between staff members and also with outside stakeholders, and to the safety and proper treatment of our members, especially to children. All applicants should be aware of the importance of these issues to the PMCJFC and SMJFL.

 Try to gain an insight into the applicants’ background with regard to these issues. Have they worked with children before? Have they witnessed bullying, harassment or discrimination in the workplace before? Is there anything in their history that suggests they may not uphold these values? Be careful in your questioning – do not offend or accuse.

 Be prepared and willing to answer whatever questions the applicant has at any stage of the interview.

 Ensure the applicants are aware of the Working With Children checks.



 Once you know the applicants you are considering for the role, ensure the required checks are followed up.

 Contact their provided referees and ensure their compatibility for the role and our organisation as a whole.

 Conduct a Police Check if applicant is seeking a full time role.

 The successful candidate must supply their valid WWC check prior to volunteering with the Port Melbourne Colts Junior Football Club This can be done after offering them the position, so long as it is supplied before working.


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