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Life Membership Policy




The Committee of the Port Melbourne Colts Junior Football Club encourages the celebration and acknowledgment of those people within and around the organisation who have contributed extraordinary time and effort to the advancement of the Club's strategic goals.


The purpose of this policy is to establish the attributes and contributions that would be considered worthy of Life Membership and to identify the procedures required for the process.


It is the committee’s responsibility to identify those persons within the organisation who will be offered a Life Membership.


  • Typically, the committee will accept nominations from current committee Members for Life membership/s, in September of each year.

  • Nominations must identify how the person has met the requirements identified in this policy and be submitted on the appropriate form.

  • If a current committee member is being considered for Life Membership that member will not be privy to the discussions.

  • A subcommittee involving the President, Vice President and committee Secretary (unless they have been nominated), will manage this process and consult committee members for decisions.

  • When a decision is made the Life Membership will be announced at the AGM.

  • The Life Membership program will be launched at a public event where the club will award the inaugural Life Membership(s) of the Port Melbourne Colts Junior Football Club

Procedural conditions:

There is no requirement that Life Memberships will be awarded every year. Further, it is intended that generally no more than one LifeMembership would be awarded in any given year, however, if exceptional nominations are received the committee may consider awarding more than one.

Life Members do not have any voting rights or carry any legal responsibility for the operations of the organisation. This is an honorific award and does not confer any form of membership for the purposes of the constitution of the association.

The committee may by special resolution revoke a grant of life membership if matters arise or come to light which indicate that the person is not a fit and proper person to hold a life membership.

Life Membership criteria:

  • they have been an employee or volunteer of the Junior Football Club

  • they have been nominated by two current committee members

  • their contributions have been pivotal to the success of the organisation and provided outstanding service over a number of years.

  • they have shown leadership

Requirements of a person accepting a Life Membership are to:

  • complete an acceptance form.

  • be open to invitations from the organisation to attend public events/meetings such as the AGM.

  • be open to being contacted by the organisation for advice & support

  • hold a valid Working with Children Check for attending public events while children are present.


This policy was presented to Committee of the Port Melbourne Colts Junior football Club of Governance on 4/6/2022 and approved. 

Next review due 2024


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