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Pavilion Update

Thursday 30th May, 2019

You will have seen a lot of construction activity at our new pavilion site as the below ground works were undertaken in the past couple of months. We are now well and truly “out of the ground” with steel framing going up this week.

The City of Port Phillip have set through some details about recent and upcoming activity on the site and some labelled photos. 


Construction – Recent Activity



Period ending 17 May 2019



  • Following completion of inspections by the building surveyor, the majority of the slab has now been poured with only some minor sections remaining either inside the existing building (where services were cut-in).
  • Site preparation and the delivery of structural steel was undertaken in preparation for the next stage of construction.
  • Bricklaying has also commenced in those sections not requiring structural steel with the front wall of the existing change-rooms beginning to take shape.






Construction – Upcoming Activity



Period commencing 20 May 2019

  • Standing and fixing of the structural steel will commence and will likely continue for at least a week to complete the western part of the building which makes up the new multi-purpose room, kitchen and western change-rooms. 
  • Sections of the roof will commence being fixed in place as well as the structural steel, additional bricklaying and the formation of external walls.
  • Landscaping (clean-up) and general excavation works will continue around the perimeter of the building as the site is prepared for further footpath and pavement works.










  • With the structural steel being placed, observers will be able to gauge the actual size of the new building.
  • Currently it is anticipated that we will reach lock-up stage in mid to late August.
  • Council has supplied and connected an additional shower unit and provided power/water connection to the kiosk provided by the clubs.






Preparation of the western slab (pre-pour)

Preparation inside existing change-room (pre-pour)



Completed concrete pour (western slab)

Completed concrete pour (front of change-rooms)

extending front of building.