Match Reports Round 7

U8 mixed Match Report

After a few weeks off the under 8's were keen to get back into the season.
It was an early start playing away at Beamauris. Troy and Anna were the captains for this week.
It was an excellent first quarter from both sides. There was plenty pressure, tackles and some quality football being played. Some stand outs in the first quarter was Jakes pressure, Max's attack on the footy and Jack's excellent mark.
In the second quarter we were exposed through a lack of manning up in the midfield and back line. Jake continued his great game, Max took a terrific mark and Hugo H kicked a magnificent goal.
The third quarter our attack on the footy improved, Kahn and Leo lead the way. Hugo H continued his good game getting plenty of the footy. Mitch did some good things and Anna took a great mark. William also provided some excellent contests.
The last quarter, the team stepped it up with a much better attack on the footy. Benji, Lachie and William had a great last quarter. William kicked his first goal for the colts. Jake and Hugo H finished off strong games.
Great effort team!

U9 mixed Match Report

No report

U10 mixed Match Report

U10 Mixed Olive

Port Colts v East Sandringham, JL Murphy Reserve - A T Aanenssen Oval

Colts were excited to be back playing again at home after 4 weeks paused from training and matches due to lockdown.  It was a cold start around 5 degrees, with a wet dewey ground, but with low wind and warm sun, a good warmup ensured we would be ready.  We were again playing East Sandringham Zebras, the last team we played before lockdown started, and knew we’d be in for an evenly matched game.  Zac McKellar (8) and Lenny James (14) were co-captains for the match and we started the game kicking towards the club house.

1st quarter

Both teams started with good energy, with the ball held up with close play in the midfield.  Colts kept marking the opposition and laying good defensive tackles.  Several players kicked well into the zones ahead to find our team-mates: Dom S (18) to Dom R (13), Jacob (19) to Dion (16) and Jacob (19) to Dom S (18).  Harper (3) snatched a mark from an opponent kick and Cooper (1) took a great mark in the forward zone and was unfortunate to not convert.  Our defence were tested several times and this was an outstanding quarter for them to hold the Zebras to a single point.

2nd quarter

Coach Dan encouraged Colts to be first to the ball and not wait for the opposition to pick up and run on.  Dion (16) scored our first point and Dom R (13) opened our goal account.  Tommy Kuklych (29) showed his trademark confidence and a Dustin Martin don’t argue to push past the opposition with the ball.  Harry (12), Ben (23), Harper (3) and William (39) took some great confident marks to keep or win possession.  William (39) took a nice diving mark from a short ball and was unlucky to not be paid due to short length and was quickly tackled.  Dion (16) tried a few of his trademark switchback runs, but the Zebra’s were already aware of this tactic and often had to turnover when tackled.  Zac (8) and Lenny (14) goaled, with everyone celebrating Lenny’s season drought-breaking 6 pointer snap across the body.  This quarter was confidence boosting from the scoring and rewarding by keeping Zebras with no addition to their tally.

3rd quarter

Colts came out from half time with high spirits and more confident play.  After initially being tied up in the midfield and an unfortunate bump to Oscar (9) in the mouth, Ben (23) marked a nice kick from Ethan (7) on the goal line, backed up and slotted a nice goal.  Again, targeted kicks and chains of play kept the ball moving forward and in possession: Harper (3) to Jacob (19), Harry (12) to Harper (3) to Cooper (1), Cooper (1) to Ben (23) to Dom S (18).  Ethan (7) and Jacob (19) decided that Lenny’s snap was worth a try, both scoring goals themselves with kicks across the body under pressure - this could be the trademark method for our Colts!  Colts were hungrier horses than the Zebras again, keeping them scoreless for another quarter.

4th quarter

Colts were clearly enjoying playing again, and kept sharing the ball with the team.  Jacob (19) used the wings kicking out from defence and Zac (8) kept defensive pressure on Zebra forwards.  William (39) made a tackle but unfortunately caught the opposition a little high and Jacob (19) also received an unfortunate but unintentional high tackle.  William (39) gathered several balls under pressure and kicked forward in the midfield to keep momentum for the Colts.  Harper (3) bolted through a pack of players and Tommy Kogler (17) used the last of his energy in the quarter with chase-down tackles.  Zebras scored 1 goal, but Jackson (57) had the last word and kicked a goal seconds from the final siren, leaving us on a high!

Goal kickers: 1 Dom R (#13), 1 Lenny (#14), 1 Zac (#8), 1 Ben (#23), 1 Ethan (#7), 1 Jacob (#19), 1 Jackson (#57)

Wrap Up:

Colts and Zebras again enjoyed a good game, but Colts repeated our win over them, despite them knowing our playing style and no practice or games over COVID lockdown.  Colts listened and responded well to coaching, increasing our game day maturity.  William (39) received a player of the match award for his contributions across the quarters and improved play.  Well done to the Colts with limited preparation in the weeks prior.  With 7 different goal scorers it shows we have a strong player group who are all very capable.

Regards, York Day

U11 mixed Match Report

Footy was back after a short covid hiatus, and with Round 7 upon us, we were up against Beaumaris on a cold and dewy morning. We'd had a good warm up and decided that even though the sun was out, we'd be looking to take a few more chest marks today with a wet and dewy ball. 
Following an excellent effort last game and some great work at training, we had named Luca our Captain for this week, and he gave us a quick rev up speech before the game to remind the boys the level of effort he was looking for. We had a very competitive first quarter, and were very clear with our intent. From Liam's ruck taps in the middle, to Luca's tackling and Taj and Luke both powering us forward from each of the stoppages, we attacked well and made it difficult for Beaumaris. Ashton was back in the side, and seemed to take mark of the year multiple times each quarter! He really found a way to beat the opposition and get us out of trouble time and again. For the first time just about ever for us, there were no scores registered in the first quarter. 
The second and third quarters were where Beaumaris really hit their stride. They kicked long and with some additional height on their side, were marking well. Luckily their kicking boots weren't on, and while a few goals went in, and lot were missed, so we managed to keep ourselves in the game. Angus had a few fantastic quarters for us in defence where his long runs and kick ins gave us a huge advantage. We also saw some great effort on the footy and tackling from Sage, Jack and Ethan P who picked up a bloody lip for his troubles. Daniel was constantly looking for options, and George did exactly as he was asked to play a kick forward of the pack which gave us extra opportunity when we won the ball. We also had some good and useful pace up the wings from Trace, CallenArchie, Hamish and Ethan B over the day who also added good pressure when we didn't have the footy also. 
By three quarter time, we unfortunately still hadn't troubled the scorers, so we talked about how we could end the game on a high. We decided on upping the tackling pressure as our way of winning the footy against what were some tired legs. Jacob had his stand out quarter and increased the tempo which the team lifted with. Despite a big knock to Luke, he got back out there and won plenty of the footy to push us forward. We had two key forwards over the day in Henry and Jacques who both played that role well, but also filled in across the ground when asked. Connor was tackling well all game and really stood up in the last quarter, and then suddenly.... we turned it up a notch. Daniel won a free kick in the middle of the ground, which he cleverly played on from, a few bounces and a dummy past two defenders and a long kick into our forward line where a bunch of our forwards were waiting. With the pressure up, we managed to register a few minor scores when another Daniel dummy fake, the ball went long into a pack, and just when we thought it wasnt coming out, up pops Angus to snap a well earned goal! What an effort! It was great to end the game on a high.  We really couldn't fault the effort of all our guys this game. When the boys run, tackle, mark and push all game - there is not much more we can ask for. We were beaten by a good side today, but it really was great to see the improvement out there. I would like to call out the effort of a few of our kids today - Ashton, you were always in the right place and taking contested marks - thery just couldnt score when you were in the back line, Luke you ran, tackled and kicked all day, Taj you played with two players on you all day and still delivered, and our Captain Luca nailed tackle after tackle to keep us in it. 
Well done boys. 
Training is on this week (21st June), then we have a break for school holidays. We will have another training on Monday 5th July for those that are around, before the Round 8 game at Prahran on 11th July at a 2.15pm bounce. See you all then.
Go Colts!

U12 Girls Match Report

Please click here to download the report

U12 mixed Match Report

From the first bounce this week, the Colts brought out their A game. First blood went to the Colts with drive from the centre square, an open forward line, some great team play and straight kicking. The Bears came back at the Colts, and the Bears enjoyed a sizable lead going into the break at the end of the first quarter. The early drive was given by Frosty, Lordy and Will in the centre with the whole team picking up on the energy of our followers. Some special football from the Liam saw him kick a major for the first time this season.

The second quarter saw a Colts comeback. There was some fine team spirit from the Colts, putting into practice the tackling, the longer kicking and some silky marking skills, especially from our wings Finn and Johno. The team effort was ‘on song’, and all players shared the load for the team. Our forward line, captained by Albert, swung into action and we kicked within a couple of goals of the Bears. With numbers slightly down, the onballers were changed around, and Emma came into the game together with a great effort from Ozkar and Jonesy in the ruck and Woody who was in and under fighting for the ball all day.

The second half was the most exciting half of football seen this season from the Colts. In the third quarter we saw the tall timber of the Bears being tackled to the ground by Koby the giant slayer. We saw Ewan take two sensational marks in the goals, converting one and narrowly missing the other. The crowd picked up a sense of confidence in our game as the Colts had the momentum going into the last quarter with less than a goal between the teams.

At three quarter time the Colts had a sniff of victory. There was excitement in the huddle and team had a strong belief in itself. Although the Bears kicked a goal early in the last term, the back line stood up strongly, as it did all game, with Luke, Leo and Kai working relentlessly to protect the goals from the Bears’ hungry forwards. We saw our followers coming down to help and provide the drive going forward, as they did throughout the game. The forwards continued to push up for the ball, and the crowd was hoping that the team bring the home the chocolates, with the tension mounting as the ball made it into the Colts forward line, where it stayed for the last five minutes of the quarter. Ardi had a chance late the game to bring the Colts within a point or two, but the Bears managed to scramble his shot over the line for a behind. Were it not for the final siren, the Colts may have taken the game as they all fought hard and continued to drive into the goals.

The coaches were proud of the whole team, as we found some confidence and realised that we can match teams in this division of the competition with the endeavour of a group effort. We are looking to using this experience going forward and building the team effort.

Thank you to all the parents and friends for the cheers of support.  

U14 Girls Match Report

No report

U16 Girls Match Report

Colts v Cheltenham at home Sunday 20th June

It was a perfect day for footy, and great to have the girls together after the COVID break to take on the unknown and undefeated Cheltenham at home.

We started at almost full strength, Loli unavailable and Coco playing but still nursing a sore finger.

Colts came out of the blocks firing and dominated the first quarter possession and territory battle. Cheltenham to their credit hung in tough and created pressure at the contest. Unfortunately the Colts forward entries didn’t yield the scoreboard pressure it deserved. Cheltenham on the other hand took advantage of their 3 forward 50 entries and scored a goal to the Colts 2.3.

The second quarter was a hard contest and all of a sudden Cheltenham had closed the gap kicking 1.1 to the Colts 2 points.

Third quarter pressure was unrelenting from both sides, Cheltenham again making the most of their limited forward entries to kick 1.3 to the Colts single goal.

The last quarter remained a tight contest with Cheltenham to their credit not falling away and looked dangerous moving the ball into attack, managing a match winning 2 goals straight early in the quarter to the Colts single goal in the last minute of play.

Clear to see the girls had lost a bit of match fitness and struggled for position when challenged by the determined Cheltenham. We found ourselves chasing the ball in numbers and loosing position, especially in defence, allowing Cheltenham to get it out over the top of our defence and score with multiple runners moving forward. I will put this down to a by-product of the season so far, having not had any previous teams that challenge and pressured us the way Cheltenham did and our attendance numbers at training being low (interleague and COVID not helping here). The Colts had majority possession for most of the game, yet we were unable to take advantage on the scoreboard. The Colts girls took the game on as requested, yet we tended to turn the ball over by overplaying our possession. We had hand balls to no one, taking extra bounces when there were better options downfield, going for goal when we had loose players in good position for a pass in the forward line.  

Injuries: Late in the last quarter Caitlin took a head knock in the goal square forcing her from the field (best practice to do this) and Maya, who was playing very well all day with her attacking style of football, sustaining a finger dislocation and possible splitting the webbing on here hand – we all hope you get well soon!

In summary; we had more scoring shots, more possession and many more forward entries yet we still lost by 3 points. Even though we lost, this was a good hard game of footy, possibly the loss we needed to have, who knows a few more minutes on the clock may have had the Colts regaining the lead – no doubt we will meet Cheltenham in the finals and be better from this game.

Players for the day; Izzy B doing a great job shutting down players with tackles, Maya M with her attacking style of football, Jess T trying hard across half back, Hannah contesting loose balls, Siena with her work rate and a couple of goals

Training is still on this Wednesday……Go Colts



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