Match Reports Round 6

U8 Mixed

An early start for the under 8's, hosting East Brighton Vampires.

Our team was lead by co-captains Lachlan and Jack.
From the start we could see the Vampires were a good team, unfortunately, we weren't quite on our game in the first quarter despite some great efforts from Hugo H, Stella, Benji and Anna.
Our pressure picked up in the second quarter lead with some great pressure and tackling from Leo, Hugo H and Jake. Benji continued his form from the first quarter. Troy displayed all the attributes that we want from the team - listening, playing as a team and enjoying his footy.
Anna had a terrific quarter showing plenty of determination and kicked a great goal!
The third quarter our concentration dropped off and forgot to man up and this saw the Vampires have a very good quarter. Troy, Benji and Jake continued their good game whilst Hugo H keep up his amazing game.
At the 3 quarter time break we asked the team to get back to what we have been doing in pressure games and to give this quarter our best. To the team's credit, they all lifted. There were some great moments from Mitch, Stella, Leo, Zack and Hugo H. Hugo K also kicked an amazing goal. The last quarter was a great reminder to the team of the potential we have and this was an opportunity for us to grow and get better as a team.
Awards - Benji, Troy, Anna
Lets bounce back strong Colts

U9 Mixed

No report

U10 Mixed

Port Colts v East Sandringham, JL Murphy Reserve - A T Aanenssen Oval

Colts were again at home, looking to improve on a close loss last week.  Ethan Crawley (7) and Thomas Kogler (17) co-captained and we began by kicking towards our clubhouse on another fantastic warm and sunny Autumn morning.  Coach Kogs and Deputy Dan encouraged the team to be mentally and physically ready to get straight into the play right from the first ball up, not to wait or give the opposition an opportunity on us, be accountable in our zones, and use the wings when kicking out from defence.

1st quarter

Colts switched on straight at the first ball up and found their energy matched by East Sandringham, holding the ball up in midfield for the first few minutes of the game.  Tommy Kogler (17) laid on some tackles under pursuit to win the ball over for us and we found some options into our forward line.  Colts first scores were points or rushed behinds and a set attempt from Dion (16) couldn’t yet yield a goal.  Colts were definitely hungrier and a smart disposal from Dion (16) to better positioned Ethan (7) yielded the first goal snapped from the goal square.  Our midfields shone in this quarter by pressuring the opposition with tackles (Thomas Kuklych 29) or kicking strongly to our forwards (Dom R 13 to Dion 16) which led to our second goal.  Colts had started prepared and were withstanding tackles well, disposing to players in space and standing our ground in marking contests.

2nd quarter

East Sandringham came out quickly this quarter and appeared to goal very quickly, only to have the decision reversed due to a midfield player kicking from the forward zone.  They pressured Colts on the kickouts, gaining a rushed behind and then a goal on the next.  Colts got the message and utilised the wings, with confident marking keeping our possession.  Midfield delivered targeted kicks into our forwards and gave another opportunity this time for Cooper (1) to goal.  Colts chained some great plays with Dom R (13) to Dion (16) to Jacob (19) unlucky to score despite being on target with a long range kick.  Ben (23) took a great mark under pressure in the forward line and showed a textbook drop punt to goal for us again.  Zac (8) missed a mark on the run, but quickly won the ball back for us with a tackle.  The quarter felt longer than expected, but Colts were unfazed and played until the whistle.

3rd quarter

Our third quarter was the best of the game where everything clicked and we put the result beyond doubt with 5 goals and 3 points, whilst keeping East Sandringham scoreless.  Tommy Kogler (17) bombed a huge kick from the midfield into the goal square and Jacob (19) marked diving onto the ground, then slotted a trademark tight angle goal to kick things off.  Harper (3) and Lenny (14) delivered pressure in spades and Lenny (14) kicked a nice barrel forward.  Dion (16) had a great quarter, gathering a difficult rolling ball, running behind the pack and kicking a goal.  A nice spike by our rover from the ball-up came forward again and Dion (16) delivered another goal with a spectacular torpedo.  Colts played so well looking for each other under pressure, and sharing great opportunities to goal.  Jas (2) tried a good shot and was unlucky, and Dion (16) had a certain goal unfortunately touched over the line by the Zebras.  Jackson (57) took a great mark and started a chain of play to goal,with a final handball from Jacob (19) selflessly handpassing to Jack Beer (6) who finished the deal, with his first goal for the Colts, well done

4th quarter

East Sandringham came out with something to prove and started with an early goal in reply.  William (39) stood his ground in midfield and made some good clearing kicks.  Both our midfield and defence came under increasing pressure as the opposition pushed to score.  Zac (8) led the tackles to shut down their midfield opportunities and Cooper (1) took a great mark on their goal line, kicking neatly out to Ben (23) to deny them again.  Colts chased every ball to the boundary and East Sandringham let their frustrations show with a few shoves but Colts would not be pushed around.  The final quarter was the only one that East Sandringham outscored us, but the difference was too much from our previous efforts.  Colts thanked the umpires and East Sandringham for a good game with elbows and “GGs” (good game).

Goal kickers:

3 Dion (#16), 3 Jacob (#19), 1 Ethan (#7), 1 Cooper (#1), 1 Ben (#23), 1 Jack (#6)

Wrap Up:

Colts were rewarded for listening and learning to our coach, starting strong, using the wings, being accountable in our zone, and looking for each other under pressure to maximise our possession.  Dion (16) joined Jacob (19) as our leading goal scorer.  For future games, please ensure we arrive on time, 45 minutes prior to the start, so all players have time to warm up and get ready, as we get a great result when prepared.  Another great result at home, Go Colts!


York Day

U11 Mixed

Port Colts v Beaumaris

Firstly wanted to say how pleased I was with the performance of all the boys this morning - its often hard to say that after a big loss, but I couldn't fault the effort and the intent all game - was really great to see. We knew this was going to be a tough game given Beaumaris' unbeaten record this season, and they certainly moved the football well. 
We had another insightful pre-game speech, this time from Captain Taj, who asked us to use the wings and kick long. In addition we asked the boys to aim for at least two tackles each per quarter. Knowing this was going to be a tough game we wanted to come out with lots of pressure and we certainly did just that.
We used the footy well from the opening bounce with Liam doing a great job in the ruck, and great support from Angus, Luke and Taj in our midfield. We added some pace into our backline this week and Daniel and Connor showed us how to get the footy and run and kick it out of defence. But this week was all about the tackling, and after seeing Sage get himself involved in the game, we saw tackle after tackle from Luca, our player of the day, who has become a tackling machine. Mozzie and Callen came on in the second quarter to give us another lift, and whilst the goals were hard to come by, Jacob, Archie, Jacques and Chris were putting in great effort as we looked to win the footy and get it to our forward line. We do need to keep reminding ourselves about our positioning during the game so we have link players down the ground for us to kick to - plenty more to work on here. 
I also wanted to call out the excellent kick-ins we had today. Both George and Angus used the full goal square, and then another 10m of play on space to boot it towards our 50m line and get us out of danger, this worked really well. I also wanted to mention our full back play and pressure defence play - Ethan P applied a lot of pressure, particularly in the second quarter, and turned their possible goals into points. Liam also transitioned well to full back and was solid.
We had a fantastic passage of play involving Hamish, Luke, Connor and Taj to scramble the ball inside our forward 50, and then the pace of Daniel was able to pounce on the footy a kick a well earned goal. Was great to see the fight in this team and never giving up. We pushed on into the last quarter and used some excellent hit outs in the ruck from Henry, and some great run down the wings, and the pace of Luke, Trace, Sage and Jack meant we contested well, but were ultimately beaten by a very good side. 
Will be another big training session this week, as we prepare for another tough game next week. 
Go Colts!

U12 Girls

Click here for match report

U12 Mixed

Rnd 6 - U12 Mixed Port Colts v Cheltenham JFC, Sunday 23rd May at Woodruff  Oval

“Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.” - Mick Malthouse

Look, I’m definitely no Norman Einstein, but even I could see that today’s opponent, old rival the Cheltenham Panthers, was going to be a tough assignment.

All Port players were exuberant after crashing through skipper Lewis’ 50 game banner in magnificent Autumn sunshine. The game was hot early. The Colts were maintaining good structure and rebounding with intent. Just when footy scholars were settling into the possibility of a tight contest the green and black hordes suddenly found their mojo. With five unanswered late first quarter goals those perilous Panthers had ripped the game open.

In the second quarter the Colts backline closed up like a vice. Cohen was plucking marks on the goal line, and Will Bacon was getting enormous run and carry from defence. Some careful Colts build-ups along the wing came to naught. But a goalless second quarter had at least stemmed the tide and turned the game into a tussle.

At half-time Finn was moved onto the half forward flank. It produced immediate results with two running goals from this most silky of footballers. Thus a barren couple of weeks devoid of any six pointers was quashed. One coach was seen dancing a little jig on the sidelines. Ewan, now on the wing, was getting some drive, marking a Lewis kick and hitting up the leading Elijah with a perfect drop punt. 

Ardi was finding much contested ball in the pivot. First gamer Kye Baker definitely showed something with a few touches in tight traffic. Johno, Lordy and Koby continued their rich vein of form. But those Panthers kept coming and a six goal final quarter decisively lay the matter to rest.

As for the Colts, the hunger within these young players is apparent. They have all of it in front of them, which is far better than having everything behind them. Their gusto and focus has been inspiring.

“The ox is slow, but the earth is patient.” - Confucius, as told to Mick Malthouse

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Port Melbourne Colts JFC 0.0 0.1-1 2.1-13 2.1-13
Cheltenham JFC U12 Berry 5.4-34 5.8-38 7.12-54 13.14-92

Goal Kickers: F. O'Halloran-Scott 2

U14 Girls

Port Colts v Cheltenham

Drawn at home, to play Cheltenham the girls assembled at a bustling Murphys Reserve on a sunny afternoon excited to be part of a big day for Port Colts girls footy with U12 girls and also U16 girls all at home!

We knew were going to be light on numbers with a couple of injuries, so we called on U12 girl super subs to step in (Anika and Helena) and also drafted in Emma K from U12 mixed to make up our 15. Cheltenham had a full squad of 22, were coming of the back of a good win and as they warmed up it was clear they had plenty of height and size so was it was certainly going to be a challenge for our girls who confidence was perhaps slightly knocked by our first up loss in Div 2 the week before.

Coaches instructions pre match were to make sure we tackled hard, focus on keeping our shape and not getting too many sucked into the contest and use our run … which we have plenty of! After struggling to get going last week, it was clear the girls were on today and we looked strong in the first qtr. Despite giving up a couple of inches to the opposing ruck, Imogen was giving us first use of the footy which enabled Grace, Claudia and Matilda to get to work around the contest and regularly get the ball forward. It was a pretty even contest though, with Cheltenham having plenty of chances as well. Our backline held firm though well lead by the backline generals of Tully and Issy and Helena showing she was not to be overawed in her first game of U14 footy against much bigger girls also getting regularly involved. Ultimately we traded goals after Emma K kicked truly to go into the qtr time huddle with scores tied at one goal apiece.

With our structure markedly better than last week and the girls understanding their roles, we entered the 2nd qtr with a largely unchanged set-up save for Madera returning to her defensive mid field role where she has mastered setting up behind the contest to protect against the quick outlet ball from the opposition. Right from the first bounce, we dominated the qtr and broke the game open with 7 scoring shots to one in what was easily our best qtr of footy for the year. Highlights were a huge pack mark by Neve on the defensive wing, several strong marks and subsequent goals from Captain Tess as well as a well-deserved goal to Anika who was winning a lot of the footy and causing the defence plenty of headaches.

The 3rd qtr continued in a similar fashion with Hannah imposing herself in the midfield, Claudia slicing through with her run and taking a couple of key intercept marks to snag a couple of goals as well. Amber continued what was a break-out game for her, with her attack on the footy being rewarded with some great tackles and several key possessions. With Grace dominant across the half back line and Cheltenham having no match for Tess’s marking power we racked up 6 scoring shots to 1 to lead at 3 qtr time by 54 points to 7.

We took the opportunity to move things around in the final qtr, but continued to play well to score another 2 goals to one to close out the game.

A super effort from the girls, they came off tired but I am sure with a renewed confidence of their ability to compete and match it with the generally bigger and older teams we will encounter in Division 2 this season.

Coaches awards to Tess for tearing the game apart with her 3 goals and Amber for her break-out game and pressure at the footy. Special mention also to our U12 super subs in Anika and Helena, who continue to impress and show they are right at home playing against older (and much bigger) U14 opponents.

Final scores 10.7-67 to 2.2-14

Goal scorers: Tess 3, Claudia 3, Grace 1, Anika 1, Emma K 1, Hannah 1

U16 Girls

Round 2 versus the Vampire at home Sunday 23 May

A beautiful day for football and a challenge set out by the league naming this the game of the round on the SMJFL website!

The Colts were still without Coco (finger) and Emily was a little sore with a back complaint from training on Wednesday. In true Colts fashion Emily was determined to play and was ready to go.
The Vampires are always a difficult team to play, they are a strong proud club and their expectation is they have their own way.

14 players on the ground were agreed to prior to the match with Vampires TM, well that turned into a starting 16 without notice from the opposition, so both Emily and Loli took to the ground immediately for the start.

The coaches asked the team to take the game on from the first bounce, be strong in the contest and attack the footy. The effort was immense from the first minute, our desire to win the ball and maintain pressure on the opposition was amazing.

After a great 5 goal performance last week Tully was named captain for the day and went out and won the toss, kicking to the clubhouse end with a slight breeze. 5 unanswered goals in the first quarter made for an impressive start. Second quarter was a copy paste of the first and another 6 unanswered goals put the match beyond doubt at half time.

From half time the coaches mixed up the starting line-up, giving players a run in most positions on the ground. Loli had her first go in the ruck contest and showed she understands the body position required (using her netball / basketball skills) we definitely have another ruck in the making in Loli!

The second half showed how well our girls can play, never giving an inch and maintaining intense pressure on the opposition when they had the ball. A comprehensive win resulted and we held the Vampires to 0 score....that in itself shows the intensity our girls bring for the entire game.

Plays of the day
 - Maya Morabito moving into the middle and winning multiple contest, showing run and dash and penetrating kicks forward - well done Maya
- Jess Thomas showing her silky skills, marking, running, kicking 3 great goals
- Georgia Allen being a super strong target up forward, willing herself into the marking contest, showing composure to go back, take her time and shoot for goal...looking like a pro full forward with 2 goals and 3 points
- Sedona Famous with her ruthless in and under work, tackling and attack at the ball
- The new girls - Tully, Loli, Charlotte and Cielo are all really starting to get into the Colts routine and challenging the opposition at every contest, it's great to see these young girls blending into the team so well and develop into Colts footballers!

Next week and new challenge......Waverley Park Hawks away...Go Colts!!



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