Match Reports Round 5

U8 Mixed

A welcomed later start for the under 8's this week playing away against the East Brighton vampires.

Tommy and Hunter were the co-captains for this round. Mitch joined our team through the week and he was in for his first game.

After a great 4 weeks we were re-graded to red which we believe is the highest level for the under 8's. Not too sure what to expect, so we stuck with our team plan to 1. apply pressure via chasing, tackling and manning up 2. Play as a team and to support each other and 3. To enjoy ourselves.

The Vampires were a man short so I wanted to make a special mention to Henry, Mitch, Luca and Hudson who all played a quarter for them. Well done boys, I know it wasn't easy.

In the first quarter the Vampires started strong kicking a goal within the opening minutes. For the next 5 or 6 minutes they had complete control however our backline stood strong and limited the vampires scoring opportunities. There was some terrific tackling from Zack, Max, Anna, Hunter and Jack.

The second quarter was a little more even. Jack continued with his pressure and trying to create play. Bobby did some great things at ground level, held his feet and was able to pass the ball on. Our smallest team member Kahn took a terrific mark.

The third quarter the Vampires started strong again however things started to turn lead by Lachie. Lachie had an amazing quarter and started to swing some momentum back to the colts. Jacob moved ball well out of defence which included some great ball use from him and both Hugo's. Jack kept providing plenty of run and Leo and Max provided some great tackling.

Even though we aren't meant to be tracking the scores, the under 8's knew they were a bit behind and it would take their best to turn things around. The last quarter I was blown away at the determination and effort from the whole team. To keep applying pressure, keeping the structure in the zones and moving the ball fast.

Jake, Hugo H and Lachie absolutely dominated the last quarter with their skills and the ability to move the ball. All the work in the midfield created plenty of opportunity in the forward line. Lachy kicked an amazing goal and Zack who was already having a great game then topped it off with a remarkable 3 goals in the last quarter.

I was personally so proud of how well they stuck together as a team.

A big thank you to all the parents and supporters there as well. Your positivity and involvement plays a big role in our team's progress!

Well done Colts!

U9 Mixed

Our mighty Under 9’s came up against St Paul’s on their home ground this

The Bulldogs were a much bigger and stronger team but we were well prepared
after a solid training session this week.

The first 2 quarters were a tough slog with the Bulldogs muscling their way
to big marks and fast breaks to kick a few without response.

After resetting at half time and refocusing on the key elements of the game
plan, our Colts kept the pressure on the opposition with solid tackling and
quick disposals to get our players in position to kick long and set up some
great strings of play.

Although we all know there is no scoreboard in Under 9’s, let’s just say
the game was levelled and we now had the chance to focus on our areas to

With our mid field keeping up the defensive pressure and quick disposals,
our forwards were focussing on not crowding in and quick shorthand passes
to get the ball into space for a clearer shot a goal.

Time after time, they kept the bulldogs scoreless and sent a few through
the sticks to finish off solidly and leave the field with their heads held

Our Mighty Under 9’s are making fantastic progress from week to week and
the Coaching Team are continuing to reiterate the importance of Teamwork
and game plan.

The Coaching Team are extremely happy with the Team’s progress and all the
parents should be very pleased with the effort and focus on Teamwork.


U10 Mixed

Port Colts v Hampton Rovers JFC Coyne - JL Murphy Reserve - A T Aanennsen Oval

Colts welcomed Liam Williams (24) into the team for his first match and William Day (28) back from some time off injured and hoped to build on our previous run of successful games.  This time at our home ground on a cold but sunny autumn morning, a full side of 23 players were kitted up and ready to go!

1st quarter Play got underway and both teams began by duking it out in the midfield - both teams trying to get an advantage but with good tackling and pressure from both.  Our first goal came under good pressure from Jacob (19) with a good snap on a tight angle.  Jas (2) was great in defence, stopping the ball in the goal square and denying Rovers, and both Eddie (22) and Ben (23) took great marks and kicked well into their forward zones. Cooper (1) took a great mark to finish up the quarter, with Colts down by 1 point against an evenly matched side.

2nd quarter

Rovers lifted their game again in the second quarter with good marking and kicking, keeping possession away from the Colts.  Hampton also took strong marks in defence.  Play became more congested with increasing numbers of ball ups as both teams tried to edge ahead. Colts were able to capitalise on a few occasions with intelligent play such as centring the ball rather than taking angle shots on goal.  Oscar (9) worked well for us in the forward zone, Dom R (13) kicked a good distance goal on the run and Dion (16) had a great quarter scoring 2 goals. The Colts finished the quarter just ahead on the scoreboard, knowing the pressure would not relent.

3rd quarter

Both sides had focussed half time huddles, listening to tactics to try and find an advantage.  Play resumed and the energy remained high. Colts players were a little more nervous on picking up loose balls knowing there was strong Hampton presence for tackles. Play stopped after Jacob (19) had a clash of heads with very quick attention from medical.  Players from both teams were concerned and clapped as Jacob (19) was able to recover and take time out on the sideline with Dion (16) subbed back in. Georgio (10) and Dion (16) played well in the midfield, chasing down loose balls, tackling and kicking clear. Harper (3) had a great quarter chasing loose balls in the forward line and putting on good pressure. Our defensive zone had to work hard, but unfortunately Rovers were able to score 3 goals in this quarter to pull ahead - 1 of the goals unfortunately with 7 players in their forward zone, however Colts also at times had players found out of position and were penalised with a turnover.

4th quarter

Colts came out determined to improve but were again matched by Hampton with a very quick goal. Jacob (19) returned to the field and was part of some instrumental play, taking a good mark on a very tight angle. Hampton napped expecting him to line up, but he unselfishly centred to Dom S (18). Dom S (18) kicked into the goal square and Jacob (19) quickly gathered and snapped a goal to finish the play. Jacob (19) also later marked again on an angle and carefully slotted on the tight angle for another goal. Ben (23) was strong in our defensive zone and Dom R (13) used his pace advantage in the midfield.

Goal kickers: 

3 Jacob (19), 2 Dion (16), 1 Dom R (13).

Best player awards:

Jacob (19) had a fantastic game considering he spent time off getting medical attention and No 13 for Hampton Rovers played a solid game.

Wrap Up:

Colts had their first loss of the season, only down by 7 points.  Hampton were a physically strong side and were a good match for us to learn and improve going forward.  Hampton edged us on better kicking and marking to deny us possession that has previously served us well.  A few players took a few unintended bumps and knocks, and there were a high number of play stoppages for ball ups due to tackling and pressure. Overall the Colts should be proud of their determination and teamwork and take the hunger for improvement into training on Wednesday.


York Day

U11 Mixed

A very tough game today against a very physical and well-drilled side in St Kilda City. We were in our clash jumpers and with a little bit of wind favouring one end of the ground, our Captain for the day in Luke Oliver won us the toss and had us kicking with the wind. He also gave us a good rev up speech before the game and we knew we had to use the wind, kick long and be first to the footy.

In a very even first quarter, we competed really well in the middle with Ashton as usual getting amongst all the action, where he well supported by George and Luke, Taj won a lot of the hit outs and used that left boot of his to kick it long and give our forwards a chance. We could see early that our tacking had to be on point as this St Kilda side was going to push us if we didn't use the ball quickly. Certainly a good lesson for the whole team today was to get the ball on the boot as quick as possible, particularly when in a bit of traffic. It just opens up the play and allows us to move forward. Instead, we were caught too often with the ball in our hands and a kick forward went begging. There was a great passage of play this quarter, that involved a series of possessions, starting with Daniel, and moving through Connor, with support from Chris to Taj and then onto Jacob for a mark in the forward pocket. Jacob then hand passed onto an onrushing Taj to snap a banana on his left foot to sail through. Another goal of the season contender after Daniel's effort last week. 

We were right in the game for the next quarter, though did struggle moving the ball forward and into the wind. We continued to tackle hard and were probably a little unlucky to not get a few more free kicks. We had Sage, Hamish, Ethan P and Luca applying good pressure and all laying important tackles for us, and we managed to keep many of the forward entries to no score or behinds. This is what good defensive pressure can do. Unfortunately, St Kilda did also make the most of other opportunities and took a handy lead into half time. 

By now we were carrying a few injuries to Luke, Connor, Taj, Callen and Ashton who all bravely fought on and put the team first when they could. We took some important marks this quarter, Luca and Angus did very well, and two crucial marks from Jacob saw us rebound out of defense all the way into our attack on two occasions, which we took away as highlights of some of our more positive play today. Jacob marked and used the wing well where he had good support form Luke, Angus, Connor, Sage, Daniel and Ethan B who managed to get the ball to a running Ashton for both Taj and Henry M to compete hard for the footy. Some really good end-to-end possession football. The quarter finished with a massive kick on goal from distance after a great mark from Angus. We all thought it had gone through only for the wind to play a role and it fell agonisingly short. 

We then went into the final quarter and to the boys credit threw everything at trying to take something from the game. Liam gave us first use of the footy from the ruck, where he was well supported and Hamish threw his body at a tackle that spilled forward where Luca and Chris could make good use of the footy for Callen to take some good marks, while Jack and Jacques fresh off a four goal game presented really good forward options for us. Connor was running at everything as was George who made some fantastic sprints across the ground to make some goal saving tackles. Both Archie and Henry made some critical tackles for us late also, and ultimately time ran out for us. 

Certainly a character-building day for us, and one we will learn plenty from. I was really proud of the effort the boys put in today, particularly in not letting the scoreboard bother them, nor the aggression from the other team. We just got on with it. Lots to work on at training this week before a home game next Sunday. 

Go Colts! 

U12 Girls

Click here for match report

U12 Mixed

Rnd 5 - U12 Mixed Port Colts v Caulfield Bears (Grizzlies), Sunday 15th May at Aanensen Oval

In the words of Bruce Springsteen: “Blinded by the Light, Revved up like a deuce, Another runner in the night”. In other words: confusion.

Icarus-like the regraded U12s team was catapulted into the relative stratosphere of Division two. Thus proscribed we invited into our home a crafty sleuth of Bears clearly unwilling to share some porridge. By the end of the day some more wax had dripped from our wings.

But let’s end the bad news there. This game, ostensibly a pasting, pantsing, thrashing or even a hiding, was I believe our best performance so far. [Reader, crucify me if you will, because I have the “full support of the Board”.]  Port players tackled with vigour, picked up opponents (on the whole), chased, smothered and generally covered themselves in vainglorious football honour.  We kicked longer with purpose and tried to keep a chain of positioning throughout the ground. We were desperate until the final siren. At the end of the day you cannot but ask for every player to have a red-hot-go. And they did.

Harry and parry. Lordy is our pressure gauge most weeks and his tackling and grunt were phenomenal. Similarly, Jonesy never stopped crashing and bashing trying to get to freedom with ball in hand. Johno was as in-and-under as I’ve seen him and reaped some rewards in possession and confidence. That covers the Harrys.

Captain Ozkar kicked out superbly from full-back. Emma backed herself with kicks from beehives of trouble that she is more than willing to enter again and again. Lewis smothered with gusto and bravely flung himself back with the flight into a pack that left some spectators gasping.

Woody played a velcro-like defensive role. Downback Eddy “the Janitor” Baker mopped up as only he can do - sans bucket, sans mop. Liam provided an “ooh-aah” moment at full-forward; so close but no cigarillo. Cohen and Finn got astral again and found space for kicking long. Ewan, Albert and Luke E. flashed in and out. Ardi got back to some crunching form. Leo retarded dangerous forward thrusts with his whole being. Elijah ran himself to a literal standstill.

Those lumbering Bears had one Mercury-like player in their midst. Their lithe number 11 midfielder had a tank bigger than those on Coode Island and explosive skills to ignite. He outran three separate tags we put on him (Lewis, Lordy and Koby) and finished up with 6 goals. What a great learning experience for our players. There’ll be more of them. And we’ll go again and be better for it.

We blooded another plucky Colts young gun in be-helmeted Dom R. Virtual veteran u12 sub Luke O. also helped us again. Kudos to both. And thanks to all volunteers, helpers and vocal supporters. It means a lot.

“She got down but she never got tired. She’s gonna make it through the night”

Port Melbourne Colts 0.0.4

Caulfield Bears (Grizzlies)  11.9.75

U14 Girls

Report coming .....

U16 Girls

Beaumaris Sharks at Cheltenham

The grand final replay from 2019 U14's loomed as we travelled far down the coast for this match. Nearly at full strength, we were missing Coco with a dislocated finger (netball injury) and Jess wasn't going to play but as we had a few players running late to the ground she ended up taking to the field with shin splint soreness just to make up numbers, so it made for an interesting start!

The coach's instruction was to go out there and attack the ball, stay strong in the contest and move forward at every opportunity.

The team responded with determination and strength, the first quarter defined the game as the Colts took control. By half time the scoreboard pressure was mounting on Beaumaris and they had no answers for the Colt's midfielders in Issy, Cam, Siena and Gwen and their pressure in the contest and ability to run on the outside.

In the second half Beaumaris came out fighting but the Colts defenders stood strong, Hannah, Maya and Sedona getting involved. Later on in the game Tully and Jess were busy in the forward line and helped out by Rachel and Cielo. Cam continued her dominance and run ability chipping in with goals, whilst Ella and Emily went into the middle for some in and under pressure.

Due to the mixed up start to the game with numbers, the coaches realised that Beaumaris actually had 1 extra player on the field halfway through the third, at that stage we matched up the numbers and balanced out the teams.

Plays of the day;
The best play was the combinations of 3 or 4 players with multiple handballing, running on and receiving the ball back...awesome fluid motion
Tully was strong all day, gathering possessions and kicking 5 goals in a great effort
Issy B was finding space, taking marks and kicking long also scored a goal
Jess with sore shins chipped in with 3 goals
Cam was everywhere with high possessions and 4 goals
Cielo again in the mix with great tackling pressure and a couple of kicks

A great team effort for a big round 1 win and straight to the top of the table...Well done team.

Next week at home versus the East Brighton Vampires, 3pm kick off so be there by 2pm please...another very strong club so expect a solid hit out.

Go Colts!!


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