Match Reports Round 3

U8 Mixed

This week our team was co-captained by Jacob and Henry.
We started the first quarter with plenty of pressure and tackling. Some great examples were from Tommy, Lachie and Hunter and Stella.
The team moved the ball exceptionally well, especially into the forward line.

The second quarter saw us continue with some great pressure lead by Leo and Hugo which lead to a fantastic goal by Lachie.

At the break we identified we needed to make sure we were manning up in the backline and playing in our correct zones.

In the third quarter there was some great tackling again from Leo, Kahn and Jake. Hugo H, Jake and Benji were moving the ball exceptionally well into the forward line. One of the highlights in the third quarter was an incredible snap from the boundary from Zack!

At 3 quarter time William tried to inspire the team about him losing a tooth but is still going to play on.

The final quarter saw the Vampires come out quickly but to the credit of the colts our team turned in up a notch with great pressure again from Jake, Hunter and Tommy but the stand out in the last quarter was Hugo H. He held his zone so well in the midfield and almost made it impossible for the other team to get the ball past him.

A terrific day for the under 8's and they got to sing the the song again (not sure we can quite call it singing though)

Team awards - Leo Maasing, Jake Button, Hugo Hill

U9 Mixed

The mighty Under 9’s came up against the well prepared and highly skilled
Hampton Rovers on their home ground this week.

After holding all of their opposition teams scoreless for their past games,
we knew they would be a difficult team.

Every player did a fantastic job with plenty of long kicks, solid tackles
and a few well placed kicks for goal.

The most impressive part of our Colt’s performance was their marking of
opposition players and their focus on each field position.

They even managed a couple of behinds during the game and a goal in the last

Our Mighty Under 9’s are starting to look like a fantastic team.

The Coaching Team and all the parents are looking forward to our next game!!

U10 Mixed

Port Colts v St Bedes / Mentone Tigers AFC Round 3 U10’s Mixed Green -Southern Road Reserve

1st quarter

Opening play from the bounce Lenny (14) good handball to Dom R (13). Pick up by Lenny to great mark by Ethan (7). Ethan (7) pushes it forward to Jacob then to Harry (12) for a behind. Dion (43) drives a kick from the far right hand side across the middle to find Harry (12) who gets into an amazing position and sends it home for a great kick for the 1st goal of the match. The Colts are having to do a bit more defence work in this game and Jackson (57) takes a strong mark in defence and clears it well back down to the forwards.

Scrappy play in front of the goals sees the ball spill out for Oscar (9) who kicks a great goal.

Definitely a more intense game with the Colts struggling to get it out of the trenches but when they do they produce some teamwork that is just gold, like this play.

Tom Kogs (17) to Tommy K (29) then to Oscar (9) to Harry (12) who kicks to Ethan (7) for a cracking goal. A strong section of play from St Bedes boys with good marks to No. 27 & No 10 that results in a behind and a goal for opposition. Tom Kogs (17) working hard in defence, good clearances from Ben (23) and Dion (43). Jas (2) with great pressure and a handball to Dom R (13) towards the goal before the siren.

Great attacking quarter but more need to be tighter with clearances and more accountability from defence.

2nd quarter

Good hustling from Tom Kogs (17) and Jack (6) from the bounce. Great kick Ben (23) to Ethan (7), ,Jackson (57) to Cooper (1), but overturned for a goal for the opposition.  Tom Kogs (17) kicks well, finds Jas (2) who kicks to Flynn (5) with Cooper (1) picking up the ball but then heads down the opposite end for St Bede’s behind and then a goal.

From the bounce Dom (13) to Dion (43), with great hustling from Dom (13) to get the ball back before kicking a goal. Great passage of play with Jackson (57) to Dom (13), Flynn (5) kicks to Lenny (14) but is picked up by the opposition, great pick up by Zac (8) defence. Behind for St Bedes. Great kicking Jacob (19) to Jack (6), with Harry (12) taking a great mark in the defensive half. Better passage of play before the buzzer with good marks and kicking Dom S (18), Tom Kogs (17) to Dom R (13), to Georgio (10) then to Jackson (57). 

Tougher more intense quarter with the Colts standing back and lacking commitment. Our advantage playing with the wind was evaporated in that quarter as we headed into the wind. It made It difficult for our forwards to keep the ball in the forward half with defensive play and kicking down the wings instead of the centre.

3rd quarter

Great kick by Harper (3) and tackling by Cooper (1) to open the quarter. Great kick by Jacob (19) to Harry (12) but ball up leads to a behind for St Bedes. Following the coaches direction, Harper (3) send a great kick down the wing, with Harry (12) looking dangerous with multiple touches of the ball before Ben (23) received a free kick to kick another goal for the Colts. Great kick by Dom R (13) to Harry (12) with Tom Kogs (17) working hard to kick down to the forward line. Jacob (19) and Ethan (7) kicking to advantage to drive it forward following a great goal by Tom Kogs (17), with Harry (12) and Harper (3) combining well in support.

Ethan (7) to Jacob (19) with good pressure from Zac (8) sending it forward to find Tom Kogs (17) who marks and kicks a behind. Jacob (19) cracking on with a classy tackle and stunning intercept. Great passage of play for Dom S (18) with amazing turn to kick, great mark and kick towards the goal for a behind.

That was a much better quarter from the Colts, with greater focus on attacking the ball as coach Kogs had advised at half time.

4th quarter

Straight out of the blocks St Bedes mark in front of goals and convert. From the bounce great Harper (3) pick up. Dion (43) kick to Ethan (7) who got smashed with a high tackle from a big St Bedes lad but thankfully was ok, giving a thumbs up to the boundary side coaches. Driving the ball forward Dom R (13) to Dion (43) to Harper (3) but was cleared by the opposition, who then sets up a goal down the opposite end. The pressure is mounting again and going into wind the Colts need to find another gear.

Tommy K (29) to Dion (43) to Ethan (7) with a ball up with Harry (12) leading out of the ruck with good support from Harper (3).  Further attacking play leads to Harper (3) kicking to Dom R (13) to Ethan (7) and Dom S (18)  for another ball up which spills to Tommy K (29) and finds its way to Dion (43) for a direct kick on the centre goal but was touched for a behind. Finally Tommy K (29) marks and kicks to Jacob (19) for a much needed goal into the wind, perhaps the steadier the team needed.

Great clearance by Jackson (57) to Lenny (14) to Tom Kogs (17). Cooper (1) was working hard in defence before a goal to St Bedes on the final siren.

The Colts worked much harder in last quarter and collectively played out a much stronger contest that what we have experienced in recent matches.  A great final quarter by Dom R (13), Dom S (18), Dion (43) and Harper (3) in the midfield and Tommy K (29) and Cooper (1) in defence.

Overall it was a tough intense game against a great team in St Bedes who challenged us at every turn. The Colts responded well to the challenge and managed the much bigger opposition and environmental (heat and wind) conditions very well. Coach Kogs reminded the team that we need to be respectful of the opposition and not get sucked into any on field banter and let our football do the talking.

Best on field awards were handed to Jackson (57) and Harry (12) but there we a number of players who contributed to the team on the day. A big welcome back to Jack Beer (6) who played with the team in under 8’s. See you at training on Wednesday and a home game on Mothers Day vs Waverley Park Hawks.

U11 Mixed

What a difference a week makes!

Well done Colts on our first win of the season. We played a fantastic brand of footy for the full four quarters.

We started off with another inspiring captains speech, this time from Jacques who reminded us to lead to space, stay on our man and to remember to play man back to cut off the overlap.

 We started into the wind in the first quarter, and got things going early with a fantastic goal from Henry who played his role as a tall forward perfectly. Daniel was his side kick as the roving forward who also managed to kick us our second shortly after. We won a lot of the footy out of the stoppages thanks to some great ruck work from Jacques, and some fantastic midfield work for Luke, Taj and Angus. These guys just didn't stop running and made sure we had plenty of the footy. Liam was a tackling and marking machine this week and was rewarded for his effort with two very handy goals. Ashton, returning from an injury (not that you could tell) and Archie were playing down back and managed to repel most opposition attacks every time they tried to get it forward.

We did have a few nervous moments down back, but thanks to Ethan P who played for much of the game as our man back was able to be first to the loose footy time and again and able to kick us straight out of danger. An excellent game from you Ethan, well done.

When we were kicking with the wind, we took full advantage.  We kicked the ball long, used the wide wings on Woodruff oval, and as we have drilled - kicked the ball to the space in front of our leading forwards. All the practise paid off today. Callen kicked his first goal for us today after some fantastic work in our forward line, and Luca was equally hungry for some goals and managed to kick two very good goals today also, well done guys. 

The other aspect of our game that was really pleasing was our team pressure efforts when we didn't have the footy. We saw not only big tackles today, but followed these up with picking the footy up and using it to our advantage. Liam, Taj and Ashton did this all day, but some excellent effort from Connor, Jacob and Hamish was rewarded with some very useful kicks to our advantage. A big well done also to our first gamer Sage, who ran hard all day and put more pressure on the East Malvern forward line. An excellent start for you Sage and we're looking forward to you being part of the team this season. 

We also seemed to have a lot of energy today and the run for four quarters made it really tough for East Malvern. Jack, Trace and Hamish in particular had some long chasing runs on the wings as did some crafty run and tackling from George and Chris.

Today was one of those games where every player contributed, played their role and each of them improved as footballers which was really pleasing to see.

Finally, I have to call out our player of the game in Luke Oliver who was rewarded with a super goal in the last quarter. Luke ran marked and kicked all day, did a number of give-and-go's, put his body on the line for the team and was constantly the heartbeat of today's win. Well done Luke. 

Another 10.30am game next Sunday, and some great form going into the last of our grading games. 

Go Colts!


U12 Mixed

Port Colts v Murrumbeena Lions

Sunday 2nd May at Aanensen Oval

China’s got a great one. Pink Floyd lambasted one. Berlin had one. Now the U12 mixed Colts are developing one of their own: The Wall.

Onballers worked as one to create the most formidable of football strategies: players behind the ball. It takes a little bit of education and discipline, but on this day it paid off and set up a fine team performance. Well done to all particularly the centreline of Finn OH&S, Emma and Will. Your bricklayers union cards are forthcoming.

The team was able to keep the forward line relatively open too. Frosty became a permanent centre half-forward and massive leading target after quarter time. Strong in the air and unstoppable on the gallop, he was a revelation with two goals. Lordy was pugnacious when it mattered and kicked a blinder. Eddy Baker, off his sickbed, was dangerous. Zen master “Kobra Kai” Turner wove his artful forward deceit with a paper-bag full of four sausage rolls, well sauced.

Some long kicking to space helped the Colt’s cause. Finn, Cohen, Will and Lewis got onto some game-breaking roosts. The latter three managed big wind-assisted goals. But the short game linkage and passing was also the best for the season. Leo laid a huge goal-saving tackle in the last line. Then we went coast-to-coast down the wing for a memorable team goal. Captain Karamoskos clunked a chest mark in the goal square and kicked truly. Nice one skip’.

Special mentions to Ardi who played an unglamourous stopping role in defence on a classy player, Albert who took instruction well and is not far off a big game, and the indelible Luke and Liam who are having a more than honest crack every week. Utilities Jonesy, Ozkar and Woody gave their all as we now expect from them; Johno fronted up as a springy small forward target.

So a win a last. And, in the end, a resounding result. Having been on the end of a couple of “spifflications” recently ourselves we could all empathise with the Lions from Murrumbeena. When teams get on rolls it seems almost impossible to stop them. Apart from getting the biscuits I’m inflated by players who are listening and trying to execute our team plans. This will hold us in good stead for the long winter ahead. As they’re currently singing at altitude, keep your eye on the red and the blue. And hold off on the ski trip.

Port Melbourne Colts 12.11.83

Murrumbeena Lions   2.2.14

Goal Kickers: K. Turner 4, E. Frost 2, L. Nelson-Holliday 2, C. Haynes, W. Bacon, H. Lord, E. Karamoskos

U12 Girls - click here for match report

U14 Girls

U14 Girls vs Prahran

After a tough outing, the girls were keen to make amendments against a Prahran team that on paper we appeared to be evenly matched with.

It was a warm day, and with only 12 players we played with super-sub Emma K and two 2 Prahran players each quarter to make up the requisite 15. The girls were buoyed though by the prospect of helping Claudia celebrate her 50th game. A great milestone for Claudia (being the first girl on our team to reach 50 games) and we all enjoyed watching her lead the team out through the banner!

We started against the wind, but our midfield got on top early and Claudia celebrated her 50th game with a strong display around the ball in the first qtr. We struggled for cohesion going forward, but we defended well and Claudia snagged a goal in broken play to enable us to take a one-goal lead into qtr time. The 2nd qtr was tight, with Hannah coming into the midfield and competing strongly and Emma K constantly busy on the wing. Madera was also brave coming back on after a nasty knock on shins to avoid us playing one down. We created plenty of chances but it was Tess who finally managed to pluck a mark to get our 2nd goal. Unfortunately, Prahan capitalised on a rebound when we all got sucked in around the ball in our forward 3rd, to break through for a goal against the run of the play to square the qtr, so we went into half time with a narrow one-goal lead.

Momentum swung strongly towards Prahan in the 3rd qtr with the girls losing their run and having to defend grimly for much of the 3rd qtr. We conceded 3 goals (against the wind) but Captain Tess lead the backline superbly though tidying up a lot of loose play and rebounding with Issy, Farrah and Tully also competing strongly down back to keep us in the contest. In what felt like our only forward entry for the qtr, Ruby and Amber were able to create a contest to lock the ball down in our qtr and then Imogen capitalised on some space near goal to kick our 3rd goal to keep us in touch and 8 points down at the 3 qtr break.

It really did look like we running out of steam, but to the girls great credit, they came out in the 4th qtr and threw everything at Prahran. Grace was tireless in the midfield, laying countless tackles and getting the ball moving forward .. well supported by Tully and Imogen who continued to dominate the ruck contests. We peppered the Prahan goal with Neve, Claudia and Hannah all scoring points until Farrah managed to snag our 4th goal from close range and as a result of constant pressure. It was a nervous final few minutes but the girls hung on to come away with a narrow win in what was a very even contest (as we had expected) and one played in great spirits.

Coaches awards were to Claudia, celebrating her 50 game contribution and also to Issy who was a rock in defence taking some great marks, tackling hard and always doing what the team needed.

Goalscorers: Imogen, Claudia, Tess and Farrah

Final Score: Port 4.11-35      Prahan 4.7-31

U16 Girls

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the home of the Port Colts saw the girls up and about for their Round 3 clash with Oakleigh.

Discussions between coaches pre game with Colts fielding 14 players to Oakleigh 20 agreed to have 14 on the field, Oakleigh with 6 on the bench and the Colts getting a hand by Ruby and Hannah from the u14s.

Our Pregame instructions were to defend to the flanks but bring the ball back into the hot spot.  The girls followed the coaches instructions well with the ball being brought back into the danger zone many times for a number of 1st qtr goals.

Ella J celebrated her belated 50th game banner also skippering the team and winning the toss and kicking with the wind got us off to a great start.

Taking the field for the first time for the colts were Tully and Loli, and they performed their roles admirably.   Both bringing up majors in their first outing.  Coco also got on the scoreboard for a belated birthday goal.

Colts were fierce and fair at the contest and won the ball out of the centre.  Oakleigh had plenty of height in the middle however Gwen and later Maya rucked tirelessly and negated the height advantage.  Issy and Cam were on fire in the middle and propelled the ball forward to give our talls first advantage to score.

Our backline was impenetrable with Jess, Ella, Sedona, Maya and Emily keeping Oakleigh scoreless in the first half, later we switched up the side to give everyone a fair run.  We finished the game by moving Caitlin, Cam, Issy, Siena and Jess all into the backline.

There were countless efforts across the day by all players to tackle and chase and the Colts girls were awesome in this endeavour. 

In the last qtr we sent instructions to the Oakleigh team to put all their players on the field, now, I’m not sure whether this was 18 or 20 players to our 14, however, the colts took this as a challenge and Coaches instructions were we want to outscore them in the last qtr.  We not only kicked numerous goals we repelled from defence with some game highlights.. particularly Issy streaming down the wing taking 3 or 4 bounces.. I think she thought she was still on the basketball court!

Final Scores were 22 11 143 to 0 0 0

Goal Scorers: Siena 7, Caitlin 4, Rachael 3, Ella 2, Cam 2, Loli 2, Tully 1, Coco 1

Best:  A complete team effort and hard for the coach to single out any individuals

Awards:  Our first game players Tully and Loli and our recent Birthday girl Coco.

Well done to all players, supporters and assistants on the day.


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