Match Reports Round 1

U8 Mixed

Port Colts v St Kilda City - JL Murphy Reserve
What a terrific start to the season for the under 8’s!
The team started off with great pressure and some excellent tackling. Jake lead that way with close to 10 tackles in the first quarter.
The team had brilliant passages of ball movement with Hugo H, Hugo K and Benji showing the way.
Stella and Troy patrolled the backline well when in defence.
It was a very tight came and with the last kick of the day by Hugo we took the lead and won the game.
Special mention to Zack for his terrific role as captain.
Thanks to all the parents for their support.
Bring on round 2

U9 Mixed 

Port Colts v Beaumaris Sharks – Banksia Reserve

So we have finally started our first season after the disappointment of
last year.

The Under 9’s were as proud as they could be to don the Colt’s Red & Blue
and took to the field with the enthusiasm and excitement of a professional

We were met by the well prepared and skilled Beaumaris Sharks on their home
ground, but our mighty U9’s made the Coaches and parents proud by sticking
to the Game Plan and focusing on quick disposals and solid defence.

With only 3 training session under their belt and this being their first
ever game, every player exceeded expectations with plenty of long kicks,
solid tackles, high marks and a few well-placed kicks for goal.

Plenty to learn from and lots of development over the coming weeks, but the
big smiles, high 5’s and lots of encouraging calls to their Team Mates
tells us that we are well on our way to a successful first season.

Look forward to seeing you all at training on Wednesday.


U10 Mixed

Port Colts  v East Malvern (Answerth) U10’s Mixed Green - J L Murphy’s Reserve, 1st game of the season

1st quarter- 9.35am kick off

Opening play good series of marks by Jasmine (2), Ethan C (26) and, Zac (8) leading to Tom Kog’s (17) goal 5 mins in. Ethan C (26) drives it forward with an amazing kick towards the goal before Oscar (9) picks up the ball and scores a cracking goal. Dom R (13) kicks it forward for a behind. Great work Ethan C (26), as he intercepts the ball and kicks it to Oscar (9) for another behind.

1st quarter humble scribe missed a goal or 2 but colts were great out of the blocks!! Mids clearing well and Oscar (9) and Tom Kogs (17) did a great job in the forward line. Defenders marking well.

2nd quarter

Cooper (1) great pass and finishing Dom R (13) for the 1st goal of the quarter. Dion (DC43) in support of Dom R (13) with quick hand balls between them. 
Dion (DC43) kicks forward towards the goal but finds a Malvern defender; Jasmine (2) passes to Cooper (1) who drives it down towards the goal square; Dion (DC43) kicks it through the centre and finds Georgio (10). Kick to Ethan D (25) who marks well, kicks to Dom R (13) (mark) who kicks to Tommy K (29) for a behind. Dion (DC43) kick to Dom R (13), marks, goal to Dom R (13). Great game Cooper (1), pick up and kick for a behind. Amazing mark by Harper (3), kicks to Harrison (12) and then Dion (DC43) kicks it forward to Dom R (13) for a mark and a behind. Malvern marks in front of the sticks and gets a behind just on the buzzer.

Great hustling, tackling & marking in the 2nd quarter.

Jasmine (2) and Cooper (1) good hand balling to advantage. 
Cooper (1) looked dangerous with Dom R (13) combining well for good finishes.Dion (DC43) had a great passage of play but took 2 bounces and was penalised because you can only take one bounce in U10 Mixed modified rules.

3rd quarter

Cracking snap goal to Georgio (10) to get the second half underway from where we left off. Tom Kogs (17) working the right side to advantage before a ball up spills out to Dion (DC43) for a behind.  Awesome mark Dom R (13) before a great kick for a behind. Good work from the midfield in the quarter, Jackson (57) delivering a key handball to get the ball moving forward. Lenny (14) was strong also laying some good but fair tackles and getting the ball going our way. Dom SH (18) had a good passage of play going hard for the ball, got knocked over but bounced straight back up to show some good resilience. Good marks for Malvern in their half for a good passage of play up the opposite end. Moved forward with a great kick from Harper (3) to find Jacob (19) to Ben Joyce (23) who kicks for another goal. 

Great hustling to keep the momentum in the 3rd quarter colts.

 4th quarter

Tom Kogs (17) opens the quarter with a behind. Good passage of play with Cooper (1) to Tommy K (29), and great pick up by Dom R (13). Great passage of play starting from Tom Kogs (17) to Ethan C (26)  and on to Oscar (9) who turns and kicks a great goal. Closely followed by another great kick from Ethan C (26) to Jacob (19) with great finishing for a goal. Zac (8) good hand ball to Flynn (5) to contest a ball up. 
The ruck to Tom Kogs (17) for a long range goal. Dion (DC43) to Dom R (13) then Cooper (1) and Oscar (9) combine well for some good plays to the forward line. Malvern good switch to centre from the far right side of field and goal for fearless little girl - Mia Tom Kogs (17)  to Jacob (19) for a behind Ethan D (25) great pick up for a behind

Goal kickers: 3 Oscar F, 3 Tom Kogs, 2 Dom R, Ben J, Georgio, Jacob

Player of the day: Harper, for his great reading of the play and multiple intercept marks and kicks to advantage.

Coach Kogs awarded a best for East Malvern to number 43, a great example of paying respect to the opposition. Of note was this player's ability to kick and handball on both sides (left and right) of his body to avoid Colts defenders. Working on our skills in this area will improve us further but also being aware of how to defend skillful players is important as well.

Players who sat out a quarter, Jacob (19), Lenny (14), Ethan D (25) and Jackson (57). This will be rotated throughout the season, it is one of a number of selfless roles that helps the team. Players need to watch the game during this period in case they have to come on for an injured player but to also listen and learn from the coaches on the boundary line.

Wrap Up:

Pretty good first game, well done boys and girls and Coach Kogs and Deputy Dan for a first up win! Harper’s (3) clearances were amazing and the team worked well together to get a good result. It was a 4 quarter effort across the ground; with strong pressure, good skills, and fair, respectful play. We showed some good discipline with manning up in the midfield and defence when the ball wasn’t in those areas for most of the match but occasionally it made it into these areas. A huge congratulations to Ethan D (25) and Jackson (57) for their first game for the Colts, you have both slotted into the team very well.

Areas of focus: Manning up in defence (accountability) and helping out teammates (shepherding and talking).

A huge thankyou to all volunteers on the day, some of you took on roles that you haven’t done before and did them really well. The feedback via the other team manager was about how nice we were as a club. This is a fantastic benchmark to set for the rest of the season, regardless of the result, being respectful of officials and the opposition is a top priority.

Next week: Round 2 South Melbourne Districts v Port Melbourne Colts – check team app for times and location. Don’t forget training this Wednesday 5:30pm at JL Murphy.

U11 Mixed

Port Colts v St Kilda City – Wattie Watson Oval

Welcome back to footy! What a close game this one was with St Kilda City narrowly winning it late after some excellent football from both teams.

It is certainly different playing without zones on a full field, with tackling, bumping and whilst there is plenty to work on, I'm super proud of the way our boys went about playing the game - the effort was there, the intensity was there, with just some important finishing and structure set up to work on. There is certainly lots to look forward to from this group of kids.

We had Daniel as our Captain today following his fantastic attitude and effort in training in the weeks leading up to this game, and he led well, showing the same spirit for the four quarters today and kicked us off with our first goal with a bending kick to give us an early lead. We knew tackling was going to be a new part of the contest this year so have been drilling this in training, so seeing so many of our boys go in for the tackle to win the footy back was excellent. There were some particularly crunching tackles from Luke, Ashton, Liam, Chris, Angus, Taj, Luca and George today all showing some fantastic effort. 

We had a few first gamers today who all started really well. Well done to Ethan B, Chris, Jack and Chris on your first game, and to Callen to finally get his first run in a Colts jumper after the season suspension last year. I'm looking forward to the growth in your game over the season. 

We had a great second quarter with two goals from Taj and a snap from the pack from Ethan P to give us a handy lead at the main break. We had a great passage of play all the way from our back line, down the wing - kicks to mark all the way and into our forward line. We've been drilling leading to space and kicking to that space - was so good to see this come off in a game. There were also a few fantastic marks on show today - Jack, Jacques, Liam, Ashton, Taj, Henry, Luca, George and Daniel doing really well. With the longer ground we also needed a lot of run off the ball and good positioning, and was important to see Luke, Connor, Archie, Hamish, Callen, Jacob, Daniel, Ashton and George to name a few providing options for us as we moved forward.

We needed those legs for the tiring third and final quarters that went down to the wire. We'd held a small but handy lead for most of the game and St Kilda took it to us and nudged their noses in front halfway thru the last quarter. Angus kicked a fantastic goal to put us in the lead with only minutes left, but unfortunately for us, St Kilda responded with near on no time left and edged out a closely fought game. 

Lots to work on over the coming weeks, in particular our structure across the (large) ground and how we remain focused on the empty space between the forward and back halves. This will reduce the chances of the overlap and the ball quickly entering the dangerous part of the ground. 

All in all though, a lot to like. Well done everyone, and thanks to the parent helpers this week, it's much appreciated!

Big game next week at home. Please use Team App to confirm you can make it. 

Cheers, Wazza

U12 Girls

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U12 Mixed

Please click here for match report for U12 mixed

U14 Girls

Port Colts v South Melbourne - Oval 12 Albert Park

After a full season without footy, transitioning to U14’s and playing for the first time without modified rules our girls were both excited to get back and I think a little unsure of what to expect.

We were playing local rivals South Melbourne, and our small squad of 12 girls was facing off against a full squad of 21. We agreed 12 a side would suit us fine, confident our girls would be up for the challenge of all playing a full game on a full field!

The girls were straight into the contest from the first bounce (seemingly not having missed a beat in the 20 months since their last proper game!), with our midfield setting the tone early both with physical pressure at the contest and our ability to break from contest and get into space. Imogen was a strong physical presence in the ruck, Grace and Claudia were doing what they do best and racking up both tackles and getting the ball moving quickly to our advantage and Madera was also using her pace and getting plenty of the football through the middle. We were a bit rusty around goal, but managed to snag 2 goals in the first quarter to lead by 8 points at qtr time.

We carried the momentum into the 2nd quarter, kicking 3 unanswered goals … the highlight of which was a great goal from Isabelle, Tess looking dangerous anytime the ball came forward and Neve not taking a backward step when thrust into the ruck (in her first ever game of footy!).

South come out after the main break, with renewed intensity and put the pressure on the 3rd qtr kicking two goals. We responded well with Tully enjoying getting into the midfield, the stand-out efforts for the qtr though was the tackling of Madera and Matilda who belied their small stature and made life very difficult for a rattled South defence. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the most of our chances and only scored 1 goal (and 4 behinds)

The girls tired a little in final qtr but Ruby didn’t miss a beat when we asked her to play in the middle, Farrah winning plenty of contests (and showing her South APC friends how it was done!) and Amber seemingly growing in confidence with every passing qtr we continued to control the game to run out 22 point winners.

Highlights for the coaches was attitude of the girls who did not take a backward step all day, ran and worked hard for each other (despite no subs) and as the South’s coach said to me afterwards we were just much stronger at the footy.

Final Score: 7.8-50 to 4.4-28

Goal Kickers: Imogen: 3, Claudia 3 and Isabelle 1

U16 Girls

Port Colts v South Melbourne Districts – Oval 12 Albert Park

What a great start to season 2021, a win away at Souths: Colts 8.9.57 to Souths 4.5.29.

Firstly a big thanks to the U14 girls; Imogen, Grace, Isabelle and Ruby, these girls played up to give us stronger numbers (and we fielded only Colts players) and showed they have what it takes to compete with the bigger girls.

A warm welcome back to Coco playing for the first time in a few years.

Coaches' instructions to the girls for round one were to just go out and have fun, run the rust out of the legs and practice skills.
The girls were also instructed that the scoreline didn't matter in this round one grading game.
After a very solid start in the first half, the coaches were able to change up most positions and give everyone an opportunity to play at both ends and the middle for the last half.

Strong contributors were Jess, Cam, Gwen and Siena (6 goals) with Georgia (1 goal), Emily and Maya all looking great.

Plays of the day:

*         Siena to Emily, handball back to Siena, half back to half-forward in a fluid motion.

*         Jess taking a strong overhead pack mark at half-back

*         Maya spring-boarding the ball out of defense many times

*         Ruby Webb getting the ball moving forward to give Ella a goal opportunity

*         Emily getting in and under and winning several contests

Congrats to Rachel in her milestone 5oth game, she played a great game and the girls went out to win the last quarter that was "Rachel's quarter".

So next week is Prahran and home, 3pm kick-off (be there at 2pm)

Coaches Chris and Steve are away next round and will be replaced by Coach Cain Thomas (Jess's dad) and assistant coach Mark Famous (Sedona's dad).

Big thanks to Paul Martyn for stepping up as TM and all other parents that helped out with duties or just came down to support!!

Great feeling to sign the song again....Go Colts!!


We will link Bolts Match Reports here when they become available.



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