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U9 Mixed

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About the Team

Coach: Anthony Cullen

Assistant Coach: Warwick Horsely

MATCH REPORT ROUND 2 - Sunday May 5th

U9's Match Report vs East Malvern, Murphy's Reserve 

Really great game today Port Colts. Our attack and pressure on the footy in the first and last quarter will be the big take away's from this weeks game. Final scores were 46 to 33, so East Malvern winning by a few kicks with a big third quarter.

We started the game on a huge high with Thomas S making his debut for the Colts, and kicking two goals. He took a couple of great marks, and was able to finish them off to give us a good lead. He was well supported up front by Liam and Connor early. We were able to win plenty of the ball out of the middle thanks to Taj and Thomas G's long penetrating kicks to the forward line, with a load of support from George and Henry M. With Jacques manning the goal line, and Jacob and Trace providing support, we were able to
protect our lead into quarter time.

We gave a lot of effort in the second and third quarter, but we must remember and stick to our basic game day rules. One of the most important being to kick to the wings when coming out of defence. This also means leading to the wings. We can't stand still in the middle corridor with an arm in the air and scream for the ball. We have to give our kicker some options and lead to the wings. We didn't do this well today, and it cost us dearly. By my count three of their goals came directly from turnovers following a kick to the middle. As coaches we can't stress kicking to the wings enough. We also talked about the "see ball, get ball" principle. At times we seem to watch the footy pass by - we need to keep our feet, and go in and get it!

After the third quarter we were down by a few goals, and I was really pleased to see a huge turn around in effort in the last quarter. If effort could be translated into goals we would have kicked a bag full. Our captain Daniel's run for the footy, and never give up attitude helped propel us forward, as did Connor's run, and a second goal for Jake giving us a sniff of a chance. Ashton took one of the best two touch overhead grabs I have seen! He then pushed us forward as we looked for more goals. Sasha never gave up in midfield and got the ball to our forward line on more than one occasion. Luke took a number solid grabs and kept us in it, as did a dominant Liam. Hamish, Henry ES and Jenson ran all day to help us, Ethan made a goal line tackle which saved us a goal, and Luca, Angus and Archie were reliable for us as usual across the park, though it was East Malvern's goal line defence that saved them in the last quarter. I have to say how proud I was of all your effort to give us a realistic chance at pinching this one.

Well done to Thomas S for winning this games best player award and voucher for his fantastic debut for the Colts with two goals. A couple of big things to keep working on at training this week - kicking to the wings, applying pressure to the opposition when they have the ball, and remembering in defence to *not leave your player*.

Really good game today Colts. On another day, we might have pinched this one.


MATCH REPORT ROUND 1 - Sunday April 28th


East Brighton Vampires JFC U9 Mixed v Colts (away)

 With much anticipation we travelled to game 1 of season 2019 to the home of the Vampires. 

Wow, the redevelopment of Hurlingham Reserve has resulted in fantastic footy facilities, a glimpse into the future of our own home ground!

The whole team was excited to finally be playing a match, having worked hard during the pre-season they were “cherry ripe” to go.

As an opening game, it doesn’t get much harder than facing the Vampires on their home deck! We had some terrific games against this side last year which were decided by a kick or two. There were no illusions as to the challenge.

Very proud to say the entire team responded to that challenge and brought their very best to the game…..Knowing it was important to get off to a good start, our skipper (and proud inaugural wearer of the #1 jumper), George Notaras elected to kick with the wind in Q1. Master stroke too. That was only the beginning of his Captain’s Knock of a day, great leadership George

Getting off to a flyer with mid-field dominance, we moved the ball quickly and effectively into the waiting hands of our forward line….they didn’t waste that silver service delivery either…..Daniel Boots was outstanding with a hatrick for the quarter,  having led into space well for good delivery from his forward colleagues.

When threatened, our well drilled backline repelled all opposition pushes, not just in first quarter but all day.

We continued our midfield dominance throughout the game….depriving the Vamps getting their hands on the ball was a constant theme. On the odd occasion they did win some contests, they proved themselves to be quality opposition with smart chain foot passing resulting in scores…..we just didn’t allow them the chance too often. 

We had some impressive individual performances from the likes of Taj, Ashton, Daniel and Connor throughout the day. Their efforts stood out all the more because the entire team responded and made sure they stuck their marks, hit their passing targets and won the ground balls when there to be won…..this was truly a whole of team performance.

I cannot stress enough how critical the whole of team effort was to the game…..every single player contributed……made their moments worthwhile and stuck to the tasks assigned them.  If footy is won through the “One percenters” then we could have won many times over, from Henry E-S manic chase down in Q4 to nullify a turn over, to Archie and Angus having first, second, third and beyond efforts in the middle, to Trace sticking to his opponent like glue, to Jenson battling through feeling unwell to take the field, to Liam’s lace out delivery of kicks in general play, to Luke bouncing back up after a huge hit, Henry M imposing himself on contest after contest, to every one trusting their team mates and honouring leads for kicks or handballs, just too many to remember them all….this display made the coaching group not only proud but look marginally good too.

Defensively, Sasha was outstanding in assigned role as “tackle master”…..asked before the game to “tackle everything that moved with the ball from the Vamps”….she responded by doing just that all game- I stopped counting at six- it was becoming so predictable!. Also of note is the work down back by Jacques as last line of defence….always covering the line in crucial moments….others rotating through fullback also did this well. Our kick out drills paid off in spades….not one single kick out went down the middle nor did we turn the ball over within a kick to goal.

With the breeze freshening and the Vamp’s pride stinging a bit, the coaching group spun the magnets to boost our midfield and defensive lines…..last quarter midfield group were simply amazing. Henry M was massive in his ruck tapping to advantage, the in and under work of Thomas G and comrades was outstanding and then the finishing power of our forwards was a joy to watch….Connor kicked two and Jacob nailed a difficult set shot from a terrific mark straight off the interchange bench!.....

This wasn’t the perfect game for skills….we need to keep working on our kicking both distance and accuracy…it was however a very fine example of how important team work is to success.

Quality contributions from all across the park saw the mighty Colts run out winners 70 to 22…..10 goals + is outstanding at this age level (Swans and Dees would give their eye teeth to manage 10+ a week at the moment)

Opposition team had a great touch that exemplified the game spirit…they awarded “Opponent Player of the Week” to Connor C…well done!

Back on home deck this week, lets make sure we bring the same intensity and joy of playing again.

Go Colts!

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