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U8 Mixed

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  • Paisley Blank
    Team Manager

About the Team

Coach: Stephen Fitzgerald

Assistant Coaches: Dan Crawley, Damien Joyce, Craig Ellinson

(2204) Mail :: Inbox

MATCH REPORT ROUND 13 - SUNDAY August 4th 2019
A great finish on a high for the U8's Mixed.


The Colts travelled to the Hampton Rovers' home ground for the last full
game of the season.  The team were excited to finish the season on a high
under co-captains Georgio and Dom R.

There was a light drizzle, but none of the team were fussed and got well
warmed up to be ready for the first whistle.  The Rovers U8’s mixed are a
big physical size, with several players bigger and taller than ours.  Due
to our numbers, most players were going to get 4 quarters, so we would have
to use our stamina, brains and agility if we were to play a great game away from home

The Colts got straight into it and laid some trademark tackles on the
opposition, ably demonstrated by Dom R.  James B gave his best in the ruck,
showing good heart against some tall timber.  Harry took a good mark and
went on to score a point to open our account.  Not long after, Dom R opened
his account with a nice goal to keep the momentum on our side.  Gardiner
was strong in defence, and Coby laid a good tackle to win a free and kicked
well into the forward line.  Harper kicked a good goal after gathering a
loose ball under pressure in the goal square.

The Rover’s didn’t like all the action against them and managed to run a
lightning play from the bounce, with two kicks to the forward zone,
followed with a goal.  They poured on more pressure and kept the ball in
their forward line.  Our defence was outstanding at the end of the quarter
with Jacob stopping the ball twice on the goal line.  Our defence only let
1 point through after 3 certain goal attempts were prevented, applying the
learnings from our coach about dropping back into the right areas when
needed.  The siren went and we thought the quarter was over, but after some
short confusion, the referee decided there was still 4 minutes to play and
we hurried back on, which luckily for us did not lead to another further
points as the Rover’s had come alive.

After rotating our players, both teams were well matched in the second
quarter, Coby got us off to a good start with a goal following a good mark
from a Dom R delivery.  Ben and Tom Ko worked well for us in the midfield
and kicked clear under pressure.  Coby lined up for a goal and kicked it
through, but after celebration had already started, the ref called it as a
point for being touched.  Both teams were strong on tackling which often
took the player to ground (not allowed under modified rules), leading to
free kicks being given and taken - a bit hard to keep your opponent on
their feet when you’re both fast and tackling well.  The Rover’s kept
peppering our goals and were starting to cut back into our lead, but the
Colts didn’t drop their heads.

At half time, the team chowed into the oranges and listened to the coach -
we were kicking, marking and tackling well, just needed to ensure we didn’t
leave any loose players, as they were capitalising very quickly on the
smaller sized ground.  No new strategies though, we were applying our
season of learning well.

Quarter 3 began and Georgio was good in defence, supported by Dom R and
Dion with good clearing kicks.  Dom R read the ball well and denied the
opposition some marking opportunities.  Dion showed his trademark switch
back moves, running sideways and around players and shrugging the
outstretch arms of the opposition to quickly get away.  The Rover’s managed
another goal from a long way out, the bounce being very kind to them and it
wobbled through to put them close to us.  William had a great quarter in
the frontline, missing a goal off a set shot, but then following up with a
nice tackle on a huge opposition player to win a free kick on a very tight
angle.  He did his trademark right foot snap and got the ball through for a
goal which kept us in front.

The Colts were determined to finish off the full season on a high and play
a great last quarter.  There were some great sequences of play to show for
it.  Dion to Georgio, Tommy Ku to Dion were well played.  Sienna showed
great smarts, by covering off any loose Rover’s to deny them any easy play.
William got the message from coach to drop back a bit in midfield and
marked a few balls straight from Rovers who were hoping to reach their
forward line.  The star boot for us this last quarter went to Harper,
kicking 3 great goals to finish the season on a high.

Overall the Rover’s were a big strong team, but we finished the season on a
deserving high, as we built on all our learning, skills
and technique from the many games and training sessions before.  Coach
Steve gave a speech to the team thanking them for a great season, for
always bringing great energy, for a willingness to learn and for the care
everyone gave each other as players.  The team thanked the parents for
their support.  It has been great to watch the confidence and friendship
grow amongst the team over the season, and what a great way to head into
next week’s Lightning Carnival.

Go Colts!
Mail :: Colts Under 8 Mixed Match Report (28/07/19)
The Port Colts had our second game against East Brighton Vampires, this
time at our home ground.  The Colts wore our clash jerseys and supported
the Vampires with an extra player each quarter to help with their numbers.  We
were co-captained by Dom R and Coby, winning the coin toss.

The Colts were well warmed up and ready to go this week, and came off to a
racing start with Jacob clearing the ball from the midfield to Dom R who
kicked a very early goal.  The colts laid on some great tackles in the
midfield, with Tom Ko leading the way.  Unfortunately Lenny copped a bump
and came off for a blood nose, but stayed positive despite the discomfort.

The teamwork on field was fantastic to watch and we were great at winning
the ball and kicking to each other.  Ethan C kicked another goal for us and
Xavier started a great play by kicking from the backline, to Harper, to
Jacob to Dom R who goaled again for us.  Ethan kicked a point to round off
the quarter and we kept the opposition goal less.

We maintained the positivity into the second quarter as the Vampires lifted
their efforts.  The ball became harder to move, but we kept up the tackling
and pressure.  Tom Ko kicked a nice goal supported by smart play in the
midfield, including Georgio who read the play well.  The backline stopped
an opposite goal with a mark right on the goal line and Lenny who had
recovered well was tackling well in defence.  Jacob tried to snap a late
goal on the run but settled for a point.

The Colts kept up the momentum in the second half and Xavier kicked a
stunning long goal almost from the hallway point.  Harper also got in on
the goal action for the Colts.  The pressure the Colts put on the Vampires
meant they hesitated to go for the ball, knowing they would be tackled
quickly.  Coby showed strength while being tackled to dispose of the ball
well, avoiding a free kick and losing the ball to the Vampires.  The
midfield was very muddy and by this point the ball was almost black, and
many of our players had mud from head to toe, but grinned all the way.
Harper finished the quarter with another great goal through a pack of
players.  Still no goals for the Vampires!

Playing so well, the Colts started the last quarter with high confidence
and spirits.  Ben went for a great goal under pressure but was unlucky to
hit the post.  Gardiner took a great mark and Ben showed some selfless play
by hand balling in the frontline to Coby who kicked a goal for us, great
smart play.  Daniel and Zac had great tackles and really supported the team.
Georgio snapped a nice goal under pressure and Ben kicked a great goal from
a set shot on a very tight angle - getting a great cheer for his efforts.  The
Vampires kicked their first and only goal in the last 2 seconds of the
game, a valiant effort, but just not enough today to match our strong

A big thank you to Jasmine, Ethan, Flynn and Xavier who played for the
opposition to support their low player numbers.  Happy Birthday also to
Oscar and thanks for sharing some cake!  The Colts played with brains and
confidence, and this week every player on the field gave a valuable
contribution which gave us our biggest winning margin.



Mail :: Re: Colts Under 8 Mixed Match Report (21/07/19)

The Port Colts Under 8’s travelled to Beaumaris for an early 8:30AM start
against the Sharks.

The oval was long and narrow with a breeze among the gum trees, which
meant kicking long down the centre was going to be important due to limited
space on the wings.  The opposition coach had their team drilling and
doing pushups before the match and warned them of the quality they were
facing with Colts only down 1 game by 1 point for the season so far.

Right from the start, the Sharks got busy winning the ball quickly and
kicking strongly.  Dom R laid a great tackle early winning the ball for
us, reminding our team of our strength in tackling and winning the
contested ball.  The Sharks used their early energy to get a quick first
goal which gave the Colts the jolt awake they needed.  Dion led in
defence for us, chasing and tackling and Dom S won the ball under strong
pressure with a great kick forward.  The Colts managed one point, but
the Sharks scored again in the last seconds of the first quarter, showing
their hunger and pulling us into deep water!

We started the second quarter with much higher energy, with a great
centre clearance and a huge handball from Dom R leading onto our fist goal.
Lenny worked really well to win us the ball and Dion laid a great tackle
this time in midfield to cause a spill for our advantage.  Ben kicked a
great goal for us putting our nose in front.  The Colts worked hard to
kick long and strong, demonstrated with a great kick and mark sequence from
Dom R to Coby.  This play put the ball deep in our frontline and
Gardiner snapped a great goal under pressure, his first for the season and
well deserved.  The Colts had come alive with confidence.  Dion again
kicked well to Dom R who goaled for us again and Tom Ko was great in
kicking and tackling.

After half time, we came out rearing to go, but the Sharks defended well
so the ball travelled both ends without scores early.  William kicked
well and chased down the opposition to lay great tackles, supported by
Georgio who tackled really well in the midfield.  Oscar kicked a
fantastic goal from a set shot late in the quarter, taking his time and
slotting it through to reward the team for their efforts.

We started the last quarter confident and playing freely, shown by a
number of great kick to mark displays.  We had a 3 player sequence from
Dom R to Jacob to Dion, Gardiner targeted a great kick to Dom R, and again
Dom R found Jacob with great kicking.  Jacob even showed off a few
torpedoes to get maximum length on his kicks.  Dion put on the after
burners in the forward line with fast running, no Sharks could catch this
Colt!  Oscar booted another great goal and Ethan took a great mark.  Kai
and Georgio were great in the forward line and Harper topped off the final
siren with an excellent last tackle.

The Colts celebrated a good game, gave three cheers for the Sharks, the
umpires and showed good sportsmanship with a shake and “GG” for our
opponents.  Overall we were well rewarded after a slow start and it is
great to see how far we have come so far this season.  Gardiner, Lenny
and Oscar had top performances and were deservingly recognised.  Thanks
to all the families for travelling a long way, getting there early and
supporting all the roles needed to keep the team working smoothly.


MATCH REPORT ROUND 1O - Sunday July 14th

Mail :: Under 8s Match Report

The Colts returned to Murphy Reserve after the school holiday break, still
smarting from the close loss to East Sandringham.  Up against a Prahran
side yet to be defeated this year, it was going to be another great test.

Your humble scribe doesn't have many notes from the game, not as it wasn't
worthy, but rather it was an engrossing contest which I couldn't stop
watching to write notes!  Two evenly matched sides played hard & fair from
start to finish.

What few notes I do have;
* the tackling was tremendous!  James B started it off with a great tackle
very early, but everyone, the whole team, did a great job with their
tackles.  Xavier & Harper also in particular did some goal saving tackles
in the backline in the first term
* Ethan kicked the first goal of the matched with a clever snap
* Coby's attack on the ball was brilliant in the first quarter
* Dom passed long to Jacob for our second goal
* Harper took a courageous mark going back with the flight
* Great passage of play, Tommy K, to Ben who went long to Coby
* Jacob had great attack on the ball in defence, charging through the pack
* Play of the day was Will passed wide to Ethan, who passed to Dom who
passed to Dion - great teamwork & ball movement
* Kogs kicked our third goal mid-way through the last quarter for the Colts
to re-take the lead

The Colts played a great game..  Fantastic effort.  Similar
to last week, practice the skills at home.  Passing accurately to
team-mates is something we can always improve on!

Go Colts!
MATCH REPORT ROUND 9 - Sunday June 30th

Mail :: Under 8s Match Report

The Port Colts U/8s came up against a well drilled East Sandringham side.

East Sandringham had the better of the early play, and quickly kicked the
first goal of the match.  A clean passage of play from Harper to Oscar to
Dion saw a quick response.  Other highlights from the quarter was a great
mark from Jacob deep in the backline, Oscar taking a great mark and nearly
converting the goal, and then after great forward pressure, Dion taking an
intercept mark and kicking a goal on the quarter time siren for a slender

The second term was an arm wrestle.  Ethan was bustling through packs in
the middle, Coby was looking dangerous up forward, but it was Sandy who
scored two goals to take the lead at half time.

In the third term Jacob intercepted a kick-out and converted the goal, Ben
put in a great tackle in the forward 50, Georgio went close to kicking a
goal and Harper showed great initiative & reading the play in the backline,
coming off his man to stop a Sandy attack.  It was a quarter of note quite
for the Colts, a lot of points and a one goal lead with a quarter to go.

East Sandy controlled the midfield in the last quarter, and two early goals
saw them re-take the lead.  Credit to the Colts they didn't give up, with
plenty of great tackles, in particular Lenny, Flynn and James B.  Gardner
took a great mark in defence, and the Colts rushed it forward where Kai
scrambled his first goal (on his birthday no less!), closing the margin to
2 points, but the Colts ran out of time.

It was a great contest between two evenly matched sides, however it was
Sandy's superior ability to have clean chains of possession which was the
difference.  Can't fault the Colts effort.  So over these school holidays
kids, it's kick, mark and handball.  Nothing is more important than the
basic skills!

Go Colts!
MATCH REPORT ROUND 8 - Sunday June 23rd

(2194) Mail :: Inbox

Round 8 saw the Colts pack their lunches and head on a Sunday drive down
the Nepean, taking on Mordialloc Braeside.  With holidays looming, we were
down a few regulars and had just 19 players.  Trainer Stewy assured us he
had enough magic spray for any aches & pains to keep the side going.  And
the bonus with just one on the bench was heaps of game time for everyone.

Our proud record of flying starts at away games was broken, with Mordi
winning the first centre clearance and kicking a goal soon after.  Luckily
our midfield re-adjusted, and with great pressure (Dom with the rundown
tackle & Tommy K in an under in everything) started to drive the ball our
way.  Our forward line were fantastic in working to keep the ball in the
forward line once it was there, Coby, Oscar, Dion, Lenny (tackling
machine!), Leo & Dom SH  - well done!!  Coby snapped and just missed, Dion
marked the kick in and just missed.  Before Oscar kicked a wonderful snap
to register our first goal.  As is the teams habit, they got on a run, with
Coby kicking a goal soon after, then after some brilliant teamwork from Leo
and Tommy K, Dom SH took a mark, and learning from last week, went back and
kicked the goal!  14 point lead at quarter time.

The second quarter started with a Dom point, then Harpers tackle gave him
an opportunity he gladly took for a goal.  Tackles and hard work =
rewards!  A Mordi foray forward was stopped in the midfield after a classy
pick-up from Jacob, with the ball worked back to our forward line where
Harper kicked another goal straight over a proud goal umpiring father..
Kai & Ben went in and under to get the ball out to Ethan who dashed away
for a centre clearance, but the siren sounded for a 23 point half time lead.

The third term was an arm wrestle, with the ball bouncing between the
respective half forward lines.  Harper took a great defensive mark, Lenny,
Coby and Dom SH were all rewarded with free kicks following great tackles.
Neither team scored for the quarter.

The last term saw Mordi continue to push, but Tommy K had none of it and
worked overtime at the bottom of the packs and saved a goal with a tackle,
Ben attacked the ball and did a great rebound 50, Jacob took a steadying
defensive mark and passed to Georgio who took an important mark.  Kai
showed great attack on the ball and the backs in general held firm,
allowing a pressing Mordi just one goal for the quarter as the Colts
finished around 20 points ahead.

Another great effort by the young Colts, see everyone at training to work
on quick & clean handpasses before we're back at home next Sunday.

Go Colts




MATCH REPORT ROUND 7 - Sunday June 16th

Mail :: Re: u8s Match Report

After a week's break celebrating Lizzie's birthday, the u8s latest
challenge took them to Princes Park in South Caulfield, taking on Ajax.
Coach Fitzy was back after his mid-season jaunt to Vietnam, and was
relieved Dan handed him the keys to the u8s car back with no damage!

Georgio was a late out with the flu, and as we arrived we found the
biggest ground we've played on yet by far - so we'd certainly miss his run.

We won the toss and kicked down the hill.  It proved to be a good toss to
win.  In an emerging pattern, for the third time in three away games so far
(maybe the further travel to games helps with focus - any other suggestions
amateur shrinks out there?!?) we kicked the first goal of the game very
soon after the opening bounce.  In this case, Dom won the clearance, who
found Dion, who took a good mark, wheeled around and kicked long to Coby
who kicked the goal.  Dream start.

The midfield of Dom, Ethan, Ben, Lenny, Flynn & Zac were winning the
clearance battles and driving the ball forward, and soon after Harper
pounced to kick a goal after a Dion pass.  The few times the backline was
under pressure, they rebounded well and Kogs & Jacob both took great
defensive marks, whilst Xavier, Dom SH, Daniel, Leo were teaming together
to shut down any Ajax entries.

Late in the quarter Dom kicked long to Dion, who dodged a couple, wheeled
around and then snapped towards goal, and it bounced, bounced, bounced and
bounced through!

In the second quarter Ajax had use of the end down the hill, and so
defensive actions were key.  In a quarter that was played in their half,
some stand-out efforts were, Jacob took a big mark, Dom SH showed great
dash and poise, Kogs was bursting out of packs, Xav showed bravery in a
marking contest and Gardner's tackle in the defensive 50 saved a certain
goal.  Ajax managed one goal for the quarter, so it was a two goal lead at
half time.

The third term was our last chance with the advantage of the slope, and
started well with the midfield working overtime, with Jack and James J both
going in hard for the ball.  Then some great passing & team play from Oscar
to Xavier to Jacob.  Dom SH soon after took the current leader for mark of
the year at the top of the goal-square, but unfortunately couldn't finish
with a goal.  Jacob then found the crumbs soon after an snapped a goal.
Kogs looked to have added another soon after but it was touched.  James B
did a great handball to Oscar, Kai was working overtime in the middle with
second efforts, Will laid a big tackle and then late in the quarter,
Gardner passed to Dom, who took his five, kicked long to the top of the
goal square where Xavier got the ball and snapped a goal.  Four goal lead
at three quarter time.

Fitzy asked for a big defensive effort in the last term, and Dion and Coby
responded immediately, both showing incredible courage flying for a mark.
The backline was under siege, and Kogs, the terrier, was huge with his
pressure and repeat efforts.  Lenny put in a big goal saving tackle, whilst
Tommy K showed great poise to kick wide to the boundary after winning a
free.  Ajax kicked a couple of goals, but the siren sounded to signal the end of a great game.

Well done Colts, thought plenty still to work on at training;
- defensive running  - manning up and working back when we lose the ball
- going wide when kicking out of backline, not back into the middle
- kicking.  Always practice your kicking!

Go Colts!


MATCH REPORT ROUND 6 - Sunday June 2nd

The Port Colts hosted the Hampton Rovers at our home ground.  Both sides
went into the game undefeated, so we were going to have to play a strong
team game to come out on top.  Jacob and Leo were our co-captains for the

The Rovers started strong, kicking 2 quick goals to put us on the back foot.
They kept testing our back line and Ethan stepped up with excellent
defensive tackling.  Xavier took a great defensive mark and followed it up
with a good kick out to the team who found space.  This quarter was all
about defence as the Rovers kept pouring on the pressure.  Dom tackled well
in the midfield and Dion made strong tackles in defence to stop any further
goals to the Rovers.  We had a match on our hands!

The second term saw a quick goal from Dom within the first minute which
lifted the team.  We knew we were going to have to work hard for every
opportunity as the ball stayed in the midfield often, with both teams
really contesting and tackling well.  Coby worked hard in the midfield to
get the ball forward and Jacob was able to get a couple of behinds under
pressure, but we didn’t have any set shots on goal due to good opposition
defence.  Our tacking really shone in this quarter, with great work from
Tom, Gardner, William and Kai putting into practice our training.  Dion
made a great kick from the backline to deny the Rovers any easy points.

The third quarter saw another quick goal, this time from Coby to again
boost our confidence.  The midfield remained challenging, but this quarter
we used strong kicking and marking to clear the congestion.  Georgio led
well from the midfield with a strong kicking performance and both Tom and
William took great marks and followed them up with targeted kicks forward.
Harper shone with a great kick whilst being tackled.  Coby finished the
quarter with another late goal thanks to great teamwork which put our nose
ahead by 2 points!  The Colts showed we were able to adapt our play to get
on top of the opposition and were being rewarded for our efforts!

In the last term, the Rovers lifted and the Colts responded again.  Dion
took a great mark in the centre, Harry put on a good tackle in the forward
line and Coby got another goal - 3 for the day!  Tom K and Ethan both took
good marks and followed with great kicking forward.  The last minutes of
the match saw a big final push by the Rovers to score, deep into our
defence.  The back line stood strong and William and Xavier laid great
defensive tackles to stop any goals to the Rovers.

Overall both teams were evenly matched, but the Colts again showed courage
to play strong under pressure, intelligence to listen and adapt against a
different team and skill by using everything we learn from our training and
previous matches.  Go Colts!

MATCH REPORT ROUND 4 - Sunday May 26th

The Colts latest match saw them travel down to East Brighton to take on

the Vampires.

Dion and Lenny were the skippers for the day, and won the toss and kicked
down the hill.  The Colts jumped out of the blocks in the first term, with
Dom R leading the way from the first bounce.  Harper (clearing kick) and
Oscar (mark on the goal line) did some good work early, and Dom SH was
providing his usual run.  Kogs was tackling and putting on pressure, and
the Colts were forcing the ball forward, where Jacob took a good mark and
kicked a goal.  Tom Kuk also took a nice mark and showed great team-working
passing to Gardner.  Likewise Harry and Kogs were teaming well.  At quarter
time we were 1 goal ahead, but showing good signs of working well together.

In the second term Dom R ran amok, trying his best to match Kogs' efforts
last week, kicking a goal within the first minute after an Oscar centre
clearance.  Will's attack on the ball and determination has been fantastic
in the past few weeks, and he was involved in the next goal, passing to Dom
R who kicked another one.  Coby, Georgio and James J were laying big
tackles, Leo and James B were getting in the bottom of the packs and all
the Colts were involved.  Then Dion won a clearance, kicked to Harper, who
passed to Ben, who took a bounce, passed to Dom R who kicked his third!
Another great team goal!!!  Not done yet, Harper passed to Oscar, who
passed to Will who took a great mark, then passed to Dom R, who like Kogs
the week before, kicked 4 in a quarter!!  Amazing effort!!

In the third term the Colts continued the good team play and pressure,
with Kai, Will and Harper all working overtime to keep the ball in the
forward 50.  Then the Colts kicked another, with Oscar snagging a goal
after a Dom R pass.  The Colts pressure and manning up improved on recent
weeks, and any Vampires surges forward were shut down.

In the last terms Kai showed his customary class at taking a ball away
from a clearance, Dion his usual burst of speed away from the packs, Jacob,
Gardner & Lenny did a great chain of team play together, and James B nearly
had a look at a goal but was a fraction too far out.

In the end another good game for the Colts.  The best team effort to date
this year.  Pleasing to see improvement in areas we've been working on,
such as manning up in the backline.


MATCH REPORT ROUND 4 - Sunday May 19th

Mail :: Round 4 u8s

Round 4 saw the u/8 Colts return to Murphy Reserve, taking on Prahran.

Ethan C, despite missing the game after having his appendix removed, was
captain for the day and won the toss and chose to kick to the Plummer St

Prahran was winning the early clearances, however Georgio was reading the
play well in the backline and did some fantastic clearing kicks.  The
backline was under pressure, but Lenny showed his usual dedication to the
task and great defensive mindset, Flynn was a tackling machine & Zac too
displayed great attack on the ball and tried to break through a pack.  Kogs
was attacking the ball hard in the middle and took a great grab, and
eventually we turned the tide and worked the ball forward where Harry &
Harper teamed well but couldn't quite manage a goal.  The midfield of Coby,
Daniel, James, Kai, Oscar & Kogs were holding their own against a strong
Prahran midfield.  James B up forward brought team-mates into the game
looking for them.  However at the end of a scrappy quarter there was no

In the second term Coby started to run with the ball and nearly kicked a
goal.  Georgio was instrumental in the middle in working the ball forward,
where we were peppering the goals for most of the quarter.  After more run
& dash from Coby, James J had the ball in the goal square and put it
through for the first goal of the game.  William took two great marks to
stop a Prahran forward thrusts during the quarter.  However our forwards
were waiting out the back a bit too much, looking for the easy goal instead
of leading up to the ball.  Something to work on at training!

In the third term the arm wrestle continued, though there was a classy
passage of play when Jacob rebounded from the 50, found Dom who worked the
ball forward.  The back six of Harper, Harry, Jacob, James B & Tom K were
holding firm.  Harper put in a great tackle, Jacob showed great initiative
to kick across to a free Harper & Harry also laid a big tackle.  Up forward
we couldn't quite mange a goal, despite a good example of team work between
Ben & Xavier.

The last quarter saw the Colts break the game open with a barrage of
goals.  Jacob won the first centre clearance, found Dom, who passed to
Xavier, who nearly kicked it, before Kogs got the crumbs and kicked a
goal!  Great team work!  Harry, Harper & Dom teamed well, and then Kogs
snapped another goal to make it a three goal lead. James B was clever in
the next centre bounce, grabbing the ball out of the ruck and dishing off
the handball to a running Harper.  Then Kogs kicked yet another goal.
Xavier took a great grab up forward.  The Colts had all the momentum and
Dom snapped a goal after good forward pressure by Jack & Leo.  Dion won the
next clearance and worked it to Dom, and soon enough the ball was in Kogs'
hands, and you guessed it, his fourth for the quarter!!!  Just before the
siren William got in on the act and snapped our seventh goal for the game.

It was a great game with lots of positives however plenty of learnings to take form the
game, especially forwards working to the ball and not waiting out the ball,
all players in general playing in front & players remembering to take their
5 steps and trying to burst away from packs.  See you at training on



MATCH REPORT ROUND 3 - Sunday May 12th

(2012) Mail :: Inbox

The u/8s had the week off in Round 2, so the team was raring to go in
Round 3.  There was the added bonus of the match being the local derby
against South Melbourne!!

Dom R was skipper for the day, and he embraced the responsibility, winning
the first centre clearance and booting it forward, where Dion won the ball
and kicked a goal.  Dream start!  Our midfield was winning the early
battles, with Dom R, Dom SH, Gardner, Jacob, Jas & Leo all getting in first
for the ball, setting a great example for the team.  They were also sharing
the ball and looking for team-mates, typified by Jacob's handpass to a
running Dom SH.  Up forward Kai took a great intercept mark and with
Daniel, Dion, James J, Oscar & ?? they were following instructions to work
hard in keeping the ball in our forward line.

South kicked a goal but some fantastic defensive work showing great
initiative by Lenny and a mark by Ben ensured we went into the first
quarter roughly level.

In the second term the team continued to go in first for the ball, with
Flynn leading the way early in the quarter with his attack on the ball and
his tackling.  Ben & Zac showed great teamwork with a 1-2 handball to each
other, and then Dion won another clearance, gave it off to Dom R who was
involved again as he took his five, broke away from the pack & passed to
Jacob who scored a goal.

The midfield of Ben, Flynn, Georgio, Lenny, Kogs & Zac were teaming well,
and Lenny in particular continuing on his first quarter with a great attack
on the ball.  Gardner was stepping up too, taking a great mark after a Kogs
centre clearance.  At half time it was still close.

In the third term the Colts broke the game open.  The midfield of Harper,
Harry, James B, Tom K, William & Xavier did a great job of forcing the ball
forward.  Where Georgio showed the benefits of playing in front taking a
great mark.  Lenny was continuing his great efforts & pressure.  Tom K had
a shot on goal which just fell short, but soon after Tom Kogs & Georgio's
persistence at the contest was rewarded with a great snapped goal by Kogs.
    It was Kog's second goal for the quarter as he was on fire.  Oscar
teamed well with Ben who then handpassed to Georgio who just missed adding
another.  Zac nearly got in on the act too, but the ball refused  to bounce
up for him in the goalsquare. In the backline Daniel took a great mark
during the term, whilst Xavier finished the quarter off with a fantastic
mark and the Colts had a handy break at three quarter time.

In the last quarter Kai & William set a great example with defensive
pressure in the midfield to hold up South.  When the Colts got the ball
forward Harper took a mark but missed the goal.  He quickly forgot that as
he intercepted the kick-in and snapped the goal for the old 7-point play!!
Jacob added another goal to give a buffer, and the back six held tight
(great marks by Jas & Leo saved the day!!) , typified by Gardner who worked
hard to get to a contest, put in the second effort and did the clearing
kick.  The Colts had held on to win in a high quality match.

Let's get to training on Wednesday to continue to work on the skills,
ahead of another test against Prahan at home next week.


MATCH REPORT ROUND 2 - Sunday May 5th 2019



MATCH REPORT ROUND 1 - Sunday April 28th 2019

Rd 1 v St Kilda City (Home)
Today the 2019 Port Colts u/8s made their football debuts at Murphy Reserve against St Kilda City.  It was a cold, wet & windy morning - perfect for football!!
There was plenty of excitement as the match began, and Oscar & Dom R. teamed well to win the first centre clearance. Soon after Gardner showed great teamwork to give a handball to the running Oscar.  However St Kilda were rebounding and getting the ball forward, and as they were slower to adapt to the zones, our backs were outnumbered & doing it tough!!  Our defenders, Flynn, Georgio, Harper, Harry, James & Kogs did a tremendous job in putting on the pressure & limiting them to two goals considering the circumstances. Kogs in particular was a rock, saving goals with big tackles and great marks.
In the second term the team settled & started to run more.  Coby took a great mark in the backline.  Dion & Dom R. were working well together up forward, and then Ben took a mark at the top of the goal square and kicked the goal.  The Colts had a shot of confidence, and everyone was stepping up, typified by James B. who went in hard and received a free kick for in the back & Ethan who was Treloar like -involved in everything in the middle.
The third quarter saw a continuation of the great football.  Zac & Lenny were doing a great job in the backline chasing down their opponents.  Whilst up forward these kids are attuned to the modern game - Harry was laying big tackles & going in hard, Dom R was locking the ball in with big grabs and then following more hard work Harper kicked our second goal - though not without sacrifice after hurting his leg.  Dom R. added another goal after the midfield of Coby, Domenic S, Kai, Oscar, Tom & Ethan again sent the ball forward.  They were spreading, taking risks trying to run the ball & had the momentum!
In the last quarter Dom S. was working hard up forward and creating opportunities, Coby was laying big tackles, Kogs had plenty of inside 50s and Jacob put the icing on the cake with a snapped goal and fist pump celebration.  The team hung on well from there against a very good opponent, with Leo holding firm in defence with Tom K who was putting on great tacking pressure, whilst Daniel was running hard in the middle and Ben was releasing team-mates with handballs.
The siren went & the Colts persistence was rewarded.
Well done to players & supporters for getting through the first week, we'll all learn plenty and see you at training on Wednesday!!
Go Colts!!


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