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Teams / 2019 / U12 Girls

U12 Girls

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About the Team

Coach: Jethro Calma-Holt

Assistant Coach: Paul Perrett

MATCH REPORT ROUND 10 - Sunday July 14th

Mail :: match report round 9 v South Melbourne Districts @Home

It was a very wintery start to the 2nd half of the season as we took on Hampton Rovers at home.

Ruby (captain for the day) won the toss and we elected to run with wind in the first qtr. Hampton had a strong midfield which put us under pressure right from the start, with the ball regularly going in our defensive third. We hung on though in defence though with both Holly and Farrah providing strong contests at the back and rebounding the ball back into our midfield. So despite being under the pump for much of the qtr, we hit qtr team only 8 points down.

The next two qtrs then evened out quite a bit, we started to win more of the ball in the midfield and got a more run and carry into our game. The game though was a bit of arm wrestle with lots of stoppages and while Hampton had more forward entries we defended really well and also were starting to get our own forward entries. There was a couple of passages of play where we looked dangerous and Ophellia went close to scoring in the 3rd qtr as the ball was propelled deep into the goal square from a classic “Tess long bomb” but unfortunately our forward pressure wasn’t quite at the level it usually is and we remained goalless.

At three quarter team we were still well in the game and only 10 points down. Grace and Maddie dig deep in the midfield in the 4th qtr both with relentless running and tackle pressure. After some great defending all day, Hampton managed to kick three late goals with the wind.

Overall it was a gutsy effort to hang in with what was a really good team for 3 qtrs, with some good lessons learnt about needing to maintain concentration, organisation and defensive pressure throughout all 4 qtrs.

Coaches awards went to Ophellia for some great efforts in her first game and to Grace and Maddie for their run, carry and work around the ball

MATCH REPORT ROUND 9 - Sunday June 30
School holidays games mean we were light on numbers but that didnt change
our mentality during the game. There were 7 girls either away or injured so
it was always going to be a tough game with 10 girls on a full size oval.

From start to finish, we were ferocious but clean in our tackles, winning
multiple free kicks for holding the ball. We had plenty of drive from our
backline, winning one-on-ones and  rebounding the ball back into our
midfield. With no bench, our midfield worked tirelessly each quarter and
there was not one player who gave up or asked to be swapped.

Our best defenders for the day were Tully, Ruby, Sophie and Matilda. Plenty
of chase and tackle, pressure acts resulted in them scoring lots of behinds
rather than goals. Our best forwards were Madera, Holly and Tess who always
looked lively and kicked accurately. Our best midfielders were Madison,
Farrah and Amelia who kicked long and broke out of packs brilliantly.

Enjoy the week off. See you Wednesday 10th July for training and Round 10 @
home, Sunday 14th 12:30pm.



MATCH REPORT ROUND 7 - Sunday June 16th

Mail :: match report round 7 v hampton rovers afc 2

Our girls had a great start to the game with Sophie kicking a goal in the
first 2 minutes, on the back of Madera running into an open goal and
selflessly handballing it off. There were multiple goal-kickers throughout
the game as we ran away with the win, 49-15.

Our midfield worked hard to win the ball all day and keep it away from
their forward line. We stayed in the same group of 4 all day and rotated
zones. It was pleasing to see how well the girls worked together in
different positions and shared the ball around, making Rovers run rings
trying to chase us.

Awards were tough. Frankie was a pinball due to her hard efforts attacking
the ball, Noa battled all day, chasing and tackling which is great as we
base our game on pressure. Finally we awarded Farrah for playing in her
least favourite position for 2 quarters without a fuss and with the
'team-first' approach.



MATCH REPORT ROUND 4 - Sunday May 19th

Mail :: Re: Match report U12 Girls

The final round of football before regrading was always going to be a

We were coming up against a strong team in St Kilda City who had won all of
their 3 games prior, and sometimes by a fair bit.
Our focus for the game was to apply pressure, use our run-and-carry and
kick long to clear congestion.

We fought it out against a lot of top-age girls were really skillful. Our
girls are getting really good at keeping their feet and staying in the
By keeping our feet, we're making better decisions when we pick up or win
the footy. We've learnt to link up well with our handballs and release
players to get a clear kick forward.

St Kilda City kicked a couple of goals in the last few minutes of each
quarter which is a good sign our girls are applying good pressure for 90%
of the quarters against bigger teams.
Bridget was happy again up popping forward and kicking a couple of goals.

Our awards went to Amelia for playing a good game while being sick, Madison
for her 4th quarter (best we've seen this year) and Grace for a solid game
over 4 quarters.

See you Sunday @ Home against Waverley Hawks.


MATCH REPORT ROUND 3 - Sunday May 12th

(2020) Mail :: Inbox

After tough two matches against strong (top age) teams where the girls had acquitted themselves well but not gotten to sing the song, the girls were excited to be taking on local rivals South Melbourne.

Right from the first bounce it was clear that we had brought our pressure game, with our Q1 midfield set-up of Grace, Imogen, Holly and Stephanie dominating from the start. Imogen was dominant in the ruck, with Grace and Holly both getting a lot of the footy and using their run and long kicking to push the ball forward. Captain for the day Stephanie, really enjoyed the challenge of the midfield and laid some great tackles. This intensity was matched by our forwards, with Tess and Bridget snagging goals and super sub Claudia (playing up from U10's) neatly slotting back in alongside her old team mates and showing her customary great attack on the footy. Farrah was also highly prominent up forward, with some great pressure around the football.

The game evened out slightly in the 2nd qtr, with South Melbourne getting a few more forward entries and securing a couple of behinds but we retained the ascendancy through the middle with Maddie and Amelia both prominent, Madera providing her usual zip around the contest and Olivia her trademark tackle pressure (at mostly stayed on her feet!).

 The 3rd was possibly our best qtr of football for the year. We were dominant through the middle, with some excellent run and linking up well into the forward line with a further two goals the inevitable result of sustained forward pressure. We shuffled around our set-up during the final qtr, with Noa enjoying a run through the middle and while the contest evened up we continued to defend strongly and Souths again went goalless for the qtr.

 All in all, a great effort from the girls running out easy winners 34 points to 3 and a nice mothers day treat for all the mothers watching!

Coaches awards for the day went to Maddie for her run and ability to break the game open with that booming left foot of hers, Ruby for a super effort in coming along to play despite being very sick and Steph for setting the tone at the start of the game with her tackle pressure.

Other notable mentions, Bridget for snagging 3 goals and Holly, Grace andTess for their overall influence on the game.


MATCH REPORT ROUND 1 - Sunday May 5th

Round 1 finally arrived and we faced a taller opposition in Prahran JFC.
We measure our game on our run and carry, tackle pressure and long kicking.
Our girls battled hard with the new adoption of the '12 on the field' rule, which created a lot of space for us to be crafty with the ball.
We had the ball in our forward zone for about 20% of the game, but we took every opportunity near the sticks and scored 2 goals straight. Prahran were inaccurate and scored 2 goals 5 behinds for the day, with their 2 goals kicked in the final quarter to take the lead.
Award winners were Amelia for a 'captains game' and best on ground, Tully for her work in defence and Farrah for her goal.
Round 2 we're heading to Beaumaris and looking forward to another day of fun footy!

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