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U10 Girls

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  • Nikki Allen
    Team Manager

About the Team

Coach: Craig Gray

Assistant Coach:

MATCH REPORT ROUND 7 - Sunday June 16th

Mail :: match report round 7 v hampton rovers afc 2

Our girls had a great start to the game with Sophie kicking a goal in the
first 2 minutes, on the back of Madera running into an open goal and
selflessly handballing it off. There were multiple goal-kickers throughout
the game as we ran away with the win, 49-15.

Our midfield worked hard to win the ball all day and keep it away from
their forward line. We stayed in the same group of 4 all day and rotated
zones. It was pleasing to see how well the girls worked together in
different positions and shared the ball around, making Rovers run rings
trying to chase us.

Awards were tough. Frankie was a pinball due to her hard efforts attacking
the ball, Noa battled all day, chasing and tackling which is great as we
base our game on pressure. Finally we awarded Farrah for playing in her
least favourite position for 2 quarters without a fuss and with the
'team-first' approach.




MATCH REPORT ROUND 6 - Sunday June 2nd

Another beautiful, if not chilly, Sunday morning awaited the Under 10 girls
for their 9am game St Pauls McKinnon.

We had a full compliment of players again which was fantastic and the girls
were pumped for a good game. The first quarter started perfectly, with a
quick centre clearance marked beautifully by Elizabeth who then pumped it
long into the goal square for another fantastic mark to be taken by Summer
T. Summer went back and drilled it straight through the middle. Goal within
the first minute. St Pauls quickly regrouped and pushed into their forward
zone, only for our defence to stand tall and through the good work of Issy,
run it out of defence into our midfield where Sofia and Hazel pushed the
ball into our forward zone for Claudia to run onto a loose ball and snap a
brilliant goal.

The second quarter started in similar fashion with our strong midfield
driving the ball forward through Amelia and Scarlett. Issy, having been
moved forward for the second quarter, took a great mark and went back and
converted from 25 metres out. St Pauls struggled to get it into their
forward zone as our midfield got on top and after repeated entries into our
forward zone our girls combined for another snapped goal by Issy. The
forward pressure from our forwards was a highlight of the quarter as was
our tenacious tackling.

After the half time break, the girls continued their great work, with the
ball remaining in our forward zone for much of the quarter. Isabel was
again, hard at it getting the ball out of the packs with quick handballs to
her team mates. Amber worked hard up forward and was unlucky not to score a
goal. Ella was fantastic again with her forward pressure and tackling. Some
fantastic defensive discipline by Jas, where she pushed back onto the goal
line saved a certain goal for St Pauls.

For the final quarter we switched the girls around to try and give everyone
more of the ball. Ananya played a great quarter in defence with two or
three great efforts and clearing kicks. Lara was brilliant all day, keeping
on her player and tackling hard. Summer A continued her great work and was
unlucky not to score. Alice was brilliant in the midfield, going in hard
and taking some good marks.

All in all it was a fantastic team effort by the girls. They have improved out of sight and their marking
and kicking was a real highlight. After the game we went back to the rooms
and sang the song with gusto. Go Colts.

MATCH REPORT ROUND 5 - Sunday May 26th

(2036) Mail :: Inbox

After a night of pouring rain, we woke up to a beautiful, if somewhat
chilly but dry, morning for our home game against Brighton Beach. We knew
this team well as we played them last week and it was going to be a tough

Lara was our captain for the day and we started the first quarter kicking
to the Williamstown Rd end. We started the game well with Sofia getting the
first centre clearance and pumping the ball long into our forward zone. For
the first half of the quarter the ball was continuously in our forward half
however we struggled to break through the strong tackling and defence of
Brighton to score a major. Summer T took a great mark but was just a little
too far out to score. Just before the end of the quarter, Brighton managed
to get the ball through our midfield and into their forward zone and scored
a goal. Their only forward thrust for the quarter resulting in a goal.

The second quarter started much like the first with Sofia driving the ball
forward. Issy was moved to the forward line for the second quarter and
broke free from the pack to run towards goal and score our first major for
the game. Brighton hit back and broke through our defence to get another
goal. Hazel and Sofia combined well in the midfield to get it forward again
and Issy was unlucky not to score another goal with it just drifting right
for a point. Ella was fantastic down forward putting on tackles and keeping
the ball in our attacking zone. Issy had another shot on goal and again
just missed. Brighton managed to pry the ball out of our forward line and
got it deep into their attack only for our defence to hold it in with some
great work by Ananya and the tackling machine that is Summer A. Another
fantastic run and kick out of defence by Summer T was quickly repelled by
the Brighton girls for them to slot through another major.

After half time, the girls came out fired up with the ball sitting in our
forward half for most of the start of the quarter. Jas and Isla were
fantastic as was the speed of Hazel. Elizabeth continually went in and got
the ball and tackled hard when the opposition tried to break free. With the
ball camped deep in our forward line, Jas managed to pry the ball loose and
snap a wonderful goal. Brighton managed to get the next centre clearance
and once more converted it into a goal. The balance of the quarter was
virtually played in the midfield with ball bouncing between zones.

Brighton came out firing at the start of the final quarter and got a couple
of quick goals despite some fantastic work from our defence. All day our
defence showed discipline pushing a player back and trying our best to
defend close to goal. Amelia played a great game running well through the
wings and Scarlett had plenty of touches all over the ground. Amber was
strong all over the ground, both forward, defence and through the midfield.
Unfortunately Brighton were a little too strong for us today but we put up
a great fight. The girls are improving each and every week and we are all
so very proud of their development and commitment.



MATCH REPORT ROUND 4 -  Sunday May 19th

(2029) Mail :: Inbox

This Sunday morning the girls were back at home for the first game of the
day against Brighton Beach.

We had co-captains this week, Scarlett and Amelia and they lead the team
out of the rooms for the start of the first quarter. The Brighton girls got
the first clearance but our defence was solid with Issy repealing the ball
back into our midfield for Sofia drive it into our forward line. The first
quarter was tight with both teams failing to score which is a credit to
both teams defence.

The second quarter started in much the same way with the Brighton girls
pushing the ball forward. Summer A was a tackling machine in defence again
and Ananya had her best game for the year getting in under the packs and
pushing out the handballs for clearances. Issy showed fantastic run out of
the backline with long driving runs and kicks deep into our midfield. Jas
read the play beautifully, repeatedly pushing back to the goal square
denying the Brighton girls a number of goals. At half time the scores were
close with Brighton having a small lead.

The third quarter was one of our best quarters for the year. We had the
ball in our forward half for most of the quarter. Alice continued to get
the ball forward and Lara made sure the ball stayed there. Amelia and Ella
were fantastic down forward but were very unlucky not to score.
Unfortunately we couldn’t convert our dominance onto the score board but a
really pleasing quarter nonetheless.

The sun came out for the final quarter and the girls were fired up for a
big effort. Unfortunately the Brighton girls got the jump on us early and
got a quick goal to start the quarter. We controlled the quarter from that
point on and continued to push forward with the help of the midfield group
of Isabel, Hazel and Sofia. After another driving run by our midfield we
got the ball out the back to Elizabeth who streamed towards goal, then
unselfishly dished off the handball to Amber who kicked the goal. From
there we were pushing for the win with Summer T and Sienna both getting
free to be denied by the Brighton defence once more. Unfortunately Brighton
goaled just on the siren to seal the victory but another fantastic effort
by our girls.

Over the last four weeks our girls have improved out of sight and we cannot
wait for the remainder of the season to see their progression.
Craig Gray



MATCH REPORT ROUND 3 - Sunday May 12th 2019

Mail - Annette Maloney - Outlook

This Sunday our girls went to Albert Park to take on the girls from South Melbourne for the Mother’s Day clash.

Again, a fantastic turnout from our girls.

Hazel was captain for the day and we kicked to the city end against the wind for the first quarter. Sth Melbourne got off to a fast start scoring the first goal within the first few minutes but our girls regrouped and tightened up.

The second quarter was another tight battle with the ball moving quickly through the middle field but we missed a couple of shots on goal but managed to restrict Sth Melbourne also.

The girls came out after half time and with Sofia dominating in the centre. Issy went down back and laid some fantastic tackles as did the tackling machine that is Summer A. The final quarter was another tense affair as we kept pushing towards goal. We were super unlikely with a few shots on goal that just missed. Claudia played a great game in the midfield pushing the ball forward at every chance. Amber played a fantastic quarter up forward and was again unlikely not to put one through the big sticks. Ananya, Elizabeth and Ella worked hard all game either back or forward getting the ball out of packs. Special mention to Isabel who played her first game with us on Sunday and played really well.

Back at home this week against Brighton Beach so looking forward to another amazing effort by the U10 girls.


MATCH REPORT ROUND 2 - Sunday May 5th 2019

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the U10 girls made the trek down to East Caulfield for their second match of the season against the Caulfield BearsJFC.

We had a fantastic turnout of girls which was really pleasing to see. 

The game started at a furious pace with Caulfield scoring the first goal, however our girls fought back quickly with a devastating run by Summer A into the goal square and a timely dish off to Alice to score our first goal. The teams were evenly matched which meant the ball was flying round the ground. Issy, Claudia and Sienna were dominant in the midfield pushing the ball forward at every opportunity.

Ananya, playing her first game of AFL, was fantastic in defence. Going in hard and getting the ball out to runners out of defence in Elizabeth and Lara. Amber and Scarlett were fabulous in both defence and attack.

By ¾ time, the Caulfield Bears had got out to a handy lead, despite the herculean tackling and chasing efforts of Ella, Amelia and Isla. 

The final quarter was action packed. Hazel and Sofia were dominant and with Issy and Jas continually pumping the ball forward we started to get the ball down to Claudia in the forward line who finished with multiple goals. Goal of the day must go to Summer T who streamed down the flank to kick a beautiful goal. Unfortunately the girls just fell short of victory but if we had another 5 mins I am sure our pressure and momentum would have got us over the line. All in all a fantastic afternoon for the girls and they should all be extremely proud of their performance. 

Bring on South Melbourne this week.



MATCH REPORT ROUND 1 - Sunday April 28th

Sunday, 28th April 2019 marked for many of the U10 girls team their first competitive game of AFL. 


The opposition was formidable. They were a well drilled, experienced team that had obviously played a great deal of footy together, however what we lacked in size and experience, we made up in endeavour and resilience. Our girls chased hard all day and restricted the run and goal scoring of the opposition in the second half.


Every player contributed on the day, whether it be the goal saving tackle by Summer A or the run through the centre to drive it into attack by Issy. Amelia and Scarlett were furious in defence as was Summer T and Elizabeth. Super proud of Lara, who is new to AFL, as she went in hard all day and kept getting the ball out of packs. The pace of Jas, Ella and Isla nearly combined for our first goal however the ball bounced the wrong way and the opposition was able to clear. When in the midfield Hazel and Alice were continually first to the ball, illustrating to the coaches their obvious potential.


During training this week, we definitely have some things to work on, however all in all the coaching group couldn’t be prouder of the girls today. The biggest highlight for us was seeing the girls arm in arm singing the song back in the rooms with big beaming smiles.  Bring on next week






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