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Teams / 2018 / U12 Girls GREEN

U12 Girls GREEN

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About the Team

Coaches: Steve Schreuder

  • Team Managers: 
  • Trainers: TBC
  • Photograhper: TBA

Training Times

WEDNESDAYS (Aanenssen Oval)

U12 Girls Squad 5pm - 6pm

Running group on Monday Nights:

  • Murphy Reserve
    Time is 6:15pm sharp to 6:45pm

Match Report Round 6 Sunday May 20th



Match Report Round 5 Sunday May 13th

U12 girls Blue Port Colts v’s Beaumaris

Bit short on Mothers day as we had 3 girls unavailable, it was a bit of a scramble. In the end we managed to field a team of 13 with the aid of 4 U10 champions! It was a home game on beautiful day with a slight breeze.

Eliza was captain after a stellar effort last week….

We knew Beaumaris would be a serious team, credit to our girls as we came out full of beans!! Claudia, Emma, Grace and Imogen all on the ground from the start and straight into the thick of it…great job guys!! Georgia was standing tall and trying hard, Eliza was leading by example and winning plenty of the ball in the centre.

Colts had most of the play in the forward line with little result for all the hard work, we applied lots of pressure, had lots of shots but the ball bounced awkwardly and left us with 2 behinds for the quarter…if only we kicked a few goals who knows what the result could have been!

Second quarter into the wind and we had a real crack, Emily, Sedona and Coco all impressing in this quarter with some great chasing and tackling. Madison was working herself into the game and Leah was chasing and tackling well.

Third quarter and the game was intense, Madison was on fire, running hard, getting the ball and using her left foot to kick long into attack. Imogen and Emma also battled hard, getting kicks and handballs; Grace was looking dangerous every time she got near the ball.

Down to the last and we were still in the game, we just needed a couple of quick goals, Beaumaris stood tall as our girls repeatedly had a go, they just had the answers. Keira, Claudia and Isabella all ran the game out giving it their all, great work guys.

In the end it was a great collective effort girls, we never gave up and held strong against a very good side.

We were all a bit battered and bruised after a gruelling game, credit to Sedona, Georgia and Eliza as they all gritted their teeth and carried on in pain to play out the game after getting a few big knocks…that’s what footy is all about, hard work, being there for your team mates and never giving up even when the chips are down, great effort girls.

Coaches best: Eliza, Madison, Georgia, Imogen, Emily, Sedona






Port Colts











Next week: BYE round


Match Report Round 4 Sunday May 6th


Match Report Round 3 Sunday April 29th

Port Colts U12 girls Green division was now Blue….stepping up a division was awesome and this was going to be exciting.

We fielded a team of 12.

From the start it was obvious St Bedes were serious: our girls were getting pushed around as some St Bedes players flexed their muscles. It was a faster pace and we were watching the ball get stripped away form us. For the first time this year we felt the full on pressure in the back line as St Bedes attacked again and again. Coco, Georgia and Holly all stand outs in this quarter.

The backline stood strong and kept the defensive pressure on St Bedes forwards and it was working. St Bedes struggled for scores even though they had multiple forward entries, 5 points to Colts 0 score.

Second quarter was much the same, Colts under pressure, St Bedes attacking and throwing their weight around and playing hard football. Colts didn’t give up and almost jagged a goal against the flow only to fall short of time, so at half time St Bedes had increased their lead to 11 points, although we felt the game starting to swing in the balance. Farrah, Bridget and Eliza showing great form, Sedona tackling and winning kicks. 

Third quarter and Colts started to get their hands on the ball, with forward entries starting to happen, St Bedes were realising that the Colts were not going to lye down…we will fight to the end and fight we did!! Colts just win the quarter with 8 points to 7….could we pull off a last quarter come back from 10 points down? Isabella, Keira, Coco and Poppy getting plenty of the ball, Bridget was running into goal and just getting caught! So close.

Well we gave it our best shot….5 minutes into the quarter and 2 quick goals from Georgia and Coco, all of a sudden the Colts had the lead! Intense battle ensued with St Bedes pushing forward late to kick a point…Colts couldn’t clear the backline and in the dying seconds St Bedes kicked the winning goal to win by 5 points.

Great collective effort girls, you soaked up the pressure, never gave up and nearly stole the game!!

Coaches best: Georgia, Bridget, Elisa, Emily, Holly, Coco

Next week: Cheltenham Black at 11.15am away @ Le Page Park


Match Report Round 2 Sunday April 22nd

Port Colts U12 girls Green division played away at Hampton Rovers on a beautiful day.

I had requested more exemptions for this game as we were short…we ended up with a team of 12.

Hard and fast attack on the ball from the start gave the girls a tough encounter. Both teams were really pressuring hard to get their hands on the ball.

Captain for the day Georgia showed how it’s done standing tall in tackles and getting her boot to the ball, both first gamers Emily and Madi were starting to impress and gather posessions, Leah and Bridget were in the thick of it and battling hard.

The second quarter was a great quarter, total control and effort form all of the girls gave us a convincing half time lead. Farrah and Keira both showed how it’s done with tackles, run and kicks.

The third quarter of the game was intense, lots of ball ups, lots of pressure around the pack. It’s in these situations we need the quick handball out the back to a team mate, credit to Hampton they never gave up and made a tight contest.

Keira, Sedona and Isabella were all getting touches and tackling hard, Georgia was still in the thick of the game and Madi was continuing to tackle and harass and win the ball back, awesome effort you guys.

Emily started winning the ball and getting kicks in a great first game effort!

Big thanks to the girls playing a second game and helping out, great effort on a warm day.

Coaches best: Madi, Bridget, Georgia, Emily and Leah

Next week: BIG NEWS a promotion to Blue Division (well done) and a massive game against the powerhouse of St Bedes / Mentone 11.30am at home.

The promotion to Blue Division will give us some stiffer opposition, we will need to play at our best next week….see you at training!


Match Report Round 1 Sunday April 15th

Welcome all to the first coaches report for 2018, I am please to say the girls have been training well and the skill level is really improving all the time. 

Port Colts U12 girls Green division played at home on Aanenson Oval, cold, wet and windy conditions for the first game of the season

Today we took on the Beaumaris with a team of 12 girls, we had 5 first time players in the team so we new this was going to be a really exciting match. I had requested exemptions for three players from Yellow division (Sienna, Harriet and Ella) in case we were short…and we were 4 players short so we also called on Claudia Kogler from U10’s to make up the team of 12. 

We picked the team in balanced groups over three zones, putting an experienced player in each zone to help the new guys out. We then rotated through positions at each break giving everyone a go in all positions. We appointed generals in each group to control each area and make sure the zone was structured and played correctly. Generals for the day were Sienna Farrell (birthday girl), Harriet Kogler and Ella Jamieson.

First quarter Colts 3.0.18 to Sharks 0.0.0

What a great start….the girls all switched on from the first bounce and had a real go. Sienna showed great form with long penetrating kicks, Cath Lee was attacking the ball, and Sedona showed that she was up for the game making some great tackles. Up forward Harriet was showing how its done, little sis Claudia was really having a go as well. A 3-goal lead at quarter time had everyone excited.

Second quarter Colts 6.0.36 to Sharks 1.0.6 

Wow, what a quarter of football…. hard tackling pressure was winning us the ball all over the ground, up forward Frankie and Sophie were on fire and looked dangerous. Keira and Leah had some great plays, they never gave up and stayed in the competition, Farrah and Cath kept wining the ball back and getting kicks. 

Third quarter Colts 8.2.50 to Sharks 1.1.7

The third quarter was just awesome, the girls showed they get the game of football and continued to impress in all positions. Coco did some great work, Leah had some exciting moments running hard after the ball, Claudia was working hard and pressurizing, Sophie was really having a crack, Kiera and Ella J both got involved, Sienna was still bombing those long penetrating kicks, Farrah was really having a go.

Last quarter Colts 8.3.51 to Sharks 1.2.8

Sienna, Harriet and Ella went down back with Sedona who was showing some great tackling skills and endeavour for a first gamer!! Coco, Frankie and Sophie (the three talls) went into the middle with Kiera and all did a great job by winning the ball back time after time. 

Farah, Leah, Cath and Claudia went forward and all worked hard putting plenty of defensive pressure on in the forward line.

What a great first game of football for 2018, congratulations to all on a hard fought 43 point win.

Big thanks to Sienna, Harriet, Ella and Claudia for playing a second game and helping out

Coaches best: Frankie, Leah, Cath, Kiera, Coco

Goals: Frankie 2, Sophie, Sienna, Harriet, ?? I can’t remember the rest sorry…. 

 Next week Hampton Rovers away, teams will be selected after training on Wednesday…we are still a couple of players short so please get down to training with your mates!!

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