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U10 mixed

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About the Team

  • Coaches: Graham Mc Dougall / Assistant Coaches: Peter Maloney, Brett Rutledge
  • Team Managers: Stu Birkett
  • Runner: Gus Johnson
  • Parent umpires: Paul Moss, Rod Sharpin
  • Trainers: Sarah Matenson
  • Photographer: Carla 
  •  Training Times
  • WEDNESDAY (Woodruff Oval)

    5pm - 6.15pm

  • Running group on Monday Nights:

    Murphy Reserve
  • Time is 6:15pm sharp to 6:45pm
  • Match Report Round 14

    No report

  • Match Report Round 12 Sunday July 22nd 


Match Report Round 11 Sunday July 15th


Round 11 saw us playing East Brighton at home in what were perfect conditions for kids footy.

East Brighton got the early jump on us with a number of well skilled, tall kids and our players did well to stick with them early.

Captains for the day were Rory and Cruz who both played well.

After trailing all day by up to 3 goals at 3/4 time, a great cameo effort from Nash saw him score 3 magnificent goals in the last quarter leaving us just over a goal behind on the final siren.

Special mentions to Jonty who was dominant coming off half back and won the award from the opposition coaches. Charlie Bell was inspiring with his running with the ball and long kicks.

A great team effort and the game was played in great spirit.

We are looking forward to the return of our 'super coach' Graham for training tonight and our match on Sunday.

Match Report Round 10 Sunday June 24th

In comparison to last week the kids, coaches and parents experienced 'tropical' conditions for our match against our arch rivals 'Ajax'.

Captains for the day were Sam Birkett and Cruz Jamieson - who both showed great leadership on the day.

We started well with 2 goals in the first quarter and led all day and celebrated by loudly singing the club song as soon as got into the rooms after the game.

Aryan saved us a number of times in defence and won the coaches award from our opposition.

Our awards went to Will and Nash who both played a great game but in reality, the awards could have gone to another 10 players.

Overall a great team effort and there will be an award for every player on Wednesday night who makes it to training!

Match Report Round 9 Sunday June 17th

This week we were at home to East Malvern in what could only be described as “winter footy in the extreme”

Captains this week were Will and Thomas.  Will has been fantastic in his last few weeks swapping in the ruck with Charlie and jack. He ability to contest the ball and take the game on are fantastic. He loves his footy and his enthusiasm is great for the team and the coaches. Thomas is my “bulldozer’ and gives a 100% each week. Really attacks the footy and like Will, takes the game on. I enjoy coaching both and real positives for our team.

The weather was horizontal rain and really tough conditions. Keeping the kids moving was a priority given if the kids aren’t moving their hands can turn to ice blocks really quickly. Surprisingly the ground held up well and our kids really went at being first to the ball and effort was huge. Great skills of marking, kicking and in particular handballs to clear were great to see. The opposition kids also gave it their all and for the conditions was a great game all round. The last quarter we were behind and had to kick a few goals to take the lead. We did exactly that and a great reward for effort for the kids.

Unlike most weeks, this week I want to commend all our kids for being out there and playing the game. Its really tough but our kids stuck it out and we were really proud of all of them.

Awards this week went to Tess for some great marking and clearance work in the game. Tess loves her footy and given the conditions, really shone on the day. Great effort. Second award went to Charlie Webster. Great game, great improvement through the year and a real asset to our team and loves to get involved in the contest. Congrats to both

Match Report Round 8 Sunday June 3rd 

No report

Match Report Round 7 Sunday May 27th

This week saw us against South and we had a dry ground and good day for football. In my time as both assistant coach and coach I hadn’t seen a win against them. To me it was more about our kids being really competitive and a team effort across the board. Our first quarter was really good. Kids playing in their best positions but still all rotating through the bench. The key take always form the first three quarters was the movement of the ball by hand and foot. Our kids are really developing as a group and many of the skills we train on are progressing into the game.

We went into the last quarter behind and needed a really big effort across all three zones. The mids really attacked the footy, the guys in defence were solid and the forwards more than did their jobs. Two marks, great kicks and two goals for Charlie Dolan was a highlight to get us in front. A great mark and goal by Charlie Woods seized the victory.

The game was played in great spirit and a pleasure to watch. Our kids are very respectful on and off the ground and again huge support from the parents.

Awards today went to Jack for his great tap work in the ruck but it was his work around the ground that really impressed. Has come a long way in a short time and really looks to be enjoying his football and we love having on our team. Second award was for Aryan. He never plays a bad game., Always give a 110% but today was really solid across the backline and really attacked the footy and was key for us on many occasions clearing the ball back into the mids. Great game from both boys.

 Equally we had a whole team of contributors. I thought all of our five Charlies had a great game and I don’t want to single anyway out really. I missed the match report last week as I was on the road so my apologies but it was a tough day, tough ground and tough conditions in the rain against a physically lot bigger side in East Brighton. Importantly was that our kids came back with a great game on Sunday. The bets feedback on Sunday was the opposition coach from South that commended our team on how we structured and played our positions.




Match Report Round 5 Sunday May 13th

This weekend saw us against Ajax and a big challenge on our hands. Later in the day game helped us in terms  of a dry ground and reasonable playing conditions with not too much wind. Focus this week was all about being switched on from the outset. Captains this week were Tess first as she always contributes in a positive to our team, not just with her skills but also her effort she puts in each week. Although injured over the last two weeks she soldiered on as she didn’t want to let her team mates down and still has a really good last few games. Thanks Tess Second Captain was Noah and his ongoing want to learn and develop with his football but also his commitment at training each week. We look forward to watching him further develop over the year.

With some of Pete’s advice around taking the game on (I love this motto and should be what we pride our team on and how we play) and some commitment to hit the ground running and we were ready to go. That said,  Rod tossed the ball and the game was on.  They were a tough opposition but it was clear our kids were on their bikes. Our footy brains were working and we were positioning better around the ground. Ball spent a lot of time in the forward line and we headed into quarter time with a good lead on the scoreboard. The Ajax kids fought back really well and took some great contested marks and equally loved to take the game on. The scoring end worked with the wind and the goals fluxuated between both sides.

Some positive coaching from Claire on mother’s day at 3 qtr time saw the kids pumped to finish the game off well. The last quarter was again a see saw but into the wind we kicked some late goals through our forwards and snatched the game.

I thought all our kids played well and was one of those days when you don’t really want to single anyone out for an award. That said we picked two.  Charlie Dolan over the last 3 weeks has really improved his footy and involvement and made some key saves and clearances in the backline. Well done mate and keep the focus and energy up for the rest of the year. Will received the 2nd coaches award for a really tough game he played. Went in hard, contested and took some great marks and most of all, really takes the game on. This year has been great for Will, he loves his footy and gives a 100% every week and at training. Well dome buddy.

Some other key mentions. Charlie bell was outstanding today. His level of football this year has gone to another level. He is a real presence on the field. Pete’s switch of Callum and Charlie in the last quarter paid dividends at both ends. Callum being the rock in the last line of defence and great kick outs from full back to advantage and Charlie really drove the ball through the middle. Zac found his mojo and really did some great work around the ball and clearing today and was the Zac of old including the big grin.  

Things that were noticeable today as coaches, was the parents support behind us. I never hear any negative comments and lots of cheers and positive support from not only our mob but also the Ajax as well. I know the kids can hear this on the ground and this support is fantastic. I love the way our parent group does this and thanks to all.

Hats off to Rod and the opposition umpire for really rewarding the kids for the effort they put in.  It’s a tough job but was umpired really well by both.

In summary the biggest compliment flor the day was from the opposition coach when he commended our kids on how much they have improved. Well done to all our kids, coaches, parents and support team for a great Mother’s day game



Match Report Round 4 Sunday May 6th

This week saw us up against some tough opposition and a team that was quite a bit bigger than us. The ground was wet so that was going to make it a bit tricky at the start. Big focus was on being switched on from the start

Captains this week were (a) Jack for his great effort and training during the week and his really good progression in the games this year as he keeps improving each week (b) Nash as a reward for his fantastic game last week and his skills and contested footy are through the roof this year.

Unfortunately we did not have a good first quarter, a few too many of our team were not switched on and the opposition jumped us with three goals in the first quarter. A quick rev up after quarter time and we started to get back into the game and move the ball well through the ground. It was the effort that kept us in the game but we were out played as the opposition set up around the ground was really well done and we quite often were caught out by this in terms of balls moving out of congestion. We are still learning this skill but we need to make sure we use our footy brains and not all go ball chasing.

The last quarter was by far our best and we were up for the challenge. We kept them goalless for the quarter which to my mail was the first time this year so credit to our kids. We nearly snatched the game but the result didn’t matter. Important was that when we focus as a team we play really good football. One of the lessons learnt for our kids was the need to stay focused during the game and not wander.

Awards for the day were Rory first who in the 2nd quarter, really threw himself into the contest and won some really good one on ones. Importantly was that played with this intensity for the whole game. It was great to watch Rory and he is absolutely our quiet achiever 😊 2nd award was for Charlie Webster. He has improved heaps since he started training with us at the start of the season. He reads the play well, positions himself to be in the thick of it and had some really good clearances. Well done Charlie.

Good solid games by Will, Thomas D, Aryan, Liam and Xavier. Great to see Sammy Fasso in the thick of it as well.




Match Report Round 3 Sunday April 29th

Expectations were high this week after a really great game last week. Captains were Noah from his huge improvement over the last 2 weeks. Importantly was at training he really switched into another gear and was great to see him involved and enjoying his footy being relative new to it all. Sammy J was rewarded with the captain as well with his stellar game last week and his level of improvement this year
Game started with focus on really attacking the football and not being caught gazing. Be fair to say that apart from a few. we weren’t switched on in the first quarter and the Prahran kids were really quick and desperate for the footy. Bit of a coaches bark at quarter time and we came out a different team. The effort was there and the kids were switched on. We started to demonstrate our skills in what was a highly competitive and enjoyable game to watch for the coaches and parents. Bit of rain during the game didn’t seem to have any affect.
I have to talk through two incidents that I saw during the game. Firstly was Sammy J hitting a contested packing the 3rd quarter. Really impressive that at such a young age he could back into a pack this way and contest the footy. Secondly was Nash in the last quarter taking two very good contested marks, one was over the top of Charlie Bell and an opposition player so no small feat. I know all of us watching, including Ben, really enjoyed the marks and I have to say somewhat reminiscent of an older brother I watched as assistant coach for many years.
The game was umpired a bit different today but good tackles were rewarded with dropping the ball and in the last quarter we really excelled in this area and Pete’s call for play on no matter what was well implemented.
We thought we had lost but after a count back in the umpires sheet we came out in front by 1pt. Didn’t matter who own or lost as it was just a great game but we did get reward for effort in the last 3 quarters so hats off to all the kids
Thanks to Tess who battled well today even though injured. Great job. We actually had a few injuries today but our brave under10’s fought on.
Tommy and Thomas both showed courage and dash. Well done boys. Sammy B another strong game and really starting to get in the mix of it.
I felt that Cruz had a super game and run like the wind all day. His smile is infectious and you have to love his enthusiasm and how much he enjoys his footy. I put the test to him to have a “next level’ game and he did exactly that. Great work by Noah this week and backed up his form in training. Some really nice tap outs in the ruck. I thought Jonty and Liam both displayed the usual commitment and footy brain in their games. Liam is the king of sweeping across the back. Tess and Thomas played this role really well when they had their turn in the mid as well. Charlie Webster is improving each week and another really solid game for us.
Notable mentions to Will, Aryan, Charlie B, Charlie D, Nash as well for really well fought out games and efforts but really its about the team and how all the kids are coming together. It so much fun to coach these kids and we love watching them all improve in their own ways. I love the respect and support by our kids for each other and the coaches.
Look forward to home game next week and forecast looks good

Match Report Round 2 Sunday April 22nd

Our 2nd week and was more like a summers day than winter football. Up against Waverly hawks and the ground was in perfect condition and no wind so we were looking for a good day of Junior football. Captains this week were Charlie Dolan for a really solid game last week and Xavier for an impressive first up game for the club.
The Hawks asked us to observe a minutes silence with their team for Anzac Day. I hope you would agree that our kids treated this with the respect it deserved and we as a club and parents were very proud of our kids how they conducted themselves and very fitting for this special week of football and Anzac day.
With a team of 24 this week then everyone was rotated for a qtr so that all kids played an even amount of time on the game. This is a tough situation in some ways as we want the kids to have as much game time as possible but equally we like having the numbers we do for when we have kids away. My commitment to the parents is to be fair with all kids irrespective of skill or child. As I said I track the rotations by child, % time on bench, who started in the bench in the 1st qtr, who was captain, who received awards etc etc. Trust me a bit of work goes into the planning of this but worth it to ensure we are fair to all. The one request I have to all parents is to make sure you update team stuff. If one of our kids plays but doesn’t get updated, it throws the game planning out completely so your help here would be much appreciated. That said and in general we are all pretty good at updating team stuff.
Onto the game.
The highlight of today’s game was on two levels;
  • To see at each kids skill level relative to them continual improvement. This is important as we recognise each one individually and encourage them to the level that they are capable of and not expect that one size fits all. We saw some real improvements and as coaches this is the most rewarding part of the role.
  • Bringing what we learnt in training into the game. Kicking out from full back to a leading player. Not going to ground. Quick handball out of congestion. Improved skills.
The highlight for myself was to see the run from full back to forward in the 3rd qtr with kicks, leads, marks form 4 plyers without the opposition touching the ball. On the day we had a team of contributors and that was most pleasing., The smiles on our kids’ faces after the game was a measure of how much they enjoyed it.
Hard to isolate any of our kids  but a few mentions;
  • Sammy J was awarded the BOG from the opposition team. Well done Sammy and one of the best games I have seen from you. Ability to read the play and run out of defence with clearing kicks to our player was a real highlight. Great improvement this year
  • Charlie D received the coaches award for a great game. Not only kicking a goal  but his attack and clearance was fantastic and a big improvement and very proud of his level of commitment this year.
  • Sammy B receive the other coaches award an again like Charlie had a real break out game. It was all about getting involved in the play and being able to influence what happened on the ground with clearing kicks and handballs. Great game Sammy B.  
  • Jonty has another great game with about 10 shots on goal in the st qtr but ran and ran all day. Charlie Woods and Charlie Moss both upped their efforts in terms of attack on the footy as asked. Liam did his usual job at dropping back and Thomas B had a great game with his tough work in close and his ability to clear the ball. Xavier on his birthday had another great game and his speed and ability to read the play makes him a big asset to our team this year. Will also had a stand out game and read the play well in all zones and really attacked the footy and cleared it out with some dash, most importantly is he takes on the game. Nash, Cruz, Charlie B and Aryan all made big contributions to the team and for all the other kids not mentioned here, you all had really good games.
Let’s hope the good weather stays. I will be at training on Wednesday night even though it’s a public holiday so hopefully we can see as many of the kids as possible but understand if you have made other arrangements for the day and not able to attend.
Onwards and upwards for the colts and nice to hear the kids sing the song with a lot of enthusiasm.

Match Report Round 1 Sunday April 15th

 Our first game for the year and we welcomed our new team members for 2018 with Noah, Charlie, Jack and Xavier. All have been training well and exciting to see them in their first game for the under 10’s.
The ground was in good condition apart from the middle square but I could see some of our kids looking forward to getting a good dose of mud all over them. I think the award for best mud pasting goes to Will ☺
The ground was a bit wet and very different to what we had trained in the heat wave of the last two months so welcome to winter football for our first game. Callum was captain for the day and was in recognition of the great game that he had in the practice match with South.
Four on the bench and we had good numbers and welcome back recently both Sammy Fasso and Mossy.
Training this year has been a bit interrupted with the holidays but focus has been on quick hands, not going to ground, using our body. Wet conditions and wind meant kick long. We started the first quarter with the wind and held our own hitting the scoreboard. Ajax was well drilled, and their kids had a lot of run and energy for their first match as well.
As I ask each week, focus and effort. Our effort was there, and we contested well. We were caught out ball watching a few times and something we will focus on in training but all in all our kids worked hard. Into the wind for the second quarter was a bit challenging and found it hard to bring the ball up the ground but we defended well even though they scored a few goals. Well done to some of the kids in Ajax who displayed a lot of skill in tricky conditions.
Third and fourth quarters we battled on and again were competitive and fought the game out. The score probably didn’t reflect the good competitive game our kids had.
A few learning we take out from the game
  • As we step up to under 10’s it becomes more competitive and a bit more physical
  • We need to focus on where we position on the ground and how we position in each zone as the ball comes in
  • The handball clearance was noticeable and a good reflection of what the kids learnt through training
  • Leading and kicking to our spots went well
A couple of key mentions for the day
  • Xavier had a great first game and received the hit dog award for his effort and clearance work. Great attack on the footy and we look forward to seeing him develop as the season progresses. Well done
  • Charlie Bell for his contested work and received the 2nd hot dog award. Always gives a 100% and really attacked the big contested marks and took some nice grabs and very dependable when we are clearing the ball out of defence
  • Charlie Dolan for his effort and some of the clearances he made. Well done Charlie and great to see.
  • To Sammy J and Liam for reading the play so well and particularly the drop back and clearance work
  • To Jonty, Will, Zac, Aryan, Cruz, Charlie Woods for real strong games and committed efforts.
  • To Noah, Jack and Charlie Webster, all had good first games and loved the endevaour
All in all, a good week and lots of fun for the kids. We only have an hour at training, so we need to maximise this time, so we need to be switched on. I am usually there earlier by so for any kids that want to come early, all good
Just to reiterate I am big on respect from our kids. Respect for the coaches, their team mates, the umpire and opposition. This is part of playing for Port colts and an important part of how we recognise ourselves and are perceived as a team and we will follow on from the great level of respect our kids developed last year.
We have a great group of kids, fantastic parent support and really looking forward to 2018 and watching all of our kids develop at the level appropriate to their skills. Most important is that all our kids enjoy the experience of playing a team support and having fun with their mates whether form their school or different schools.

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